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BACKPOST Sorenson's Arrival

Posted on Wed Feb 16th, 2022 @ 8:01pm by Captain Lucy Sharpe & Lieutenant Richelle Sorenson

Mission: Interlude
Timeline: MD -1 21:55

"How do you explain to a new captain your reason for wanting the CEO spot? Especially on a new class ship that you really wished you had the specs for?" Richelle said to her reflection in the mirror in her temporary space on the transport.

Richelle was no newcomer to the engineering world. She could feel the excitement growing inside her as the ship approached Utopia Planitia. Back to her realm in engineering was going to be a challenge for her after the Dreadnought mission. Fortunately she had her bird to help her stay focused.

As the transport docked, she caught the first glance of the Proteus. "Oh my god! She is beautiful!," she exclaimed. She couldn't wait to get aboard her and her excitement spilled over so much that Squiggy landed on her shoulder and poked at her ear for attention. He was taught to do exactly that when she got emotional. It was a very good stop gap measure to assure she would not overdue her emotions.

As she disembarked, Squiggy was nestled on her shoulder as she headed for her new temporary quarters till it was time to board her new ship. Not realizing it, she rounded a corner and ploughed right into…..of all people but the Captain herself! Well you can imagine the tangled arms and legs and a few feathers.

"Oh my god I am so sorry…….I wasn't looking and…….Captain? Oh jeez Captain I am so sorry…." she said extending her hand to help the poor woman up from the floor.

"It's quite alright," Captain Sharpe accepted the assistance. "I wasn't exactly paying much attention myself," she showed the Lieutenant the data padd she'd been reading before the two of them collided. Pulling her uniform straight Lucy brushed off a curious thing from her sleeve, it looked like a feather - where would that have come from? Then she caught sight of a bird fluttering on the shoulder of the other woman.

Turning red with embarrassment, "His name is Squiggy and he they call a service bird. It is in my dossier about the connection between him and me. He won't be flying through the ship though. You might see him if he senses a meltdown in my mind. Other than that he is in quarters or stationed in my office. Oh good lord where are my manners! Lt. Richelle Sorenson, CEO...Captain Sharpe I presume?" Richelle said trying to smile.

"It's quite alright Lieutenant accidents happen," Sharpe tried to assure her. "Just try not to make a habit out of it," she joked recalling how shed had a similar run in previously and the embarrassment that ensued. "Regardless it's good to have you aboard and Squiggy too, though I've not come across a service bird before. I assume he aids your wellbeing?"

"Yes very much so. He was genetically engineered bird from Betazed. After the of the Dreadnought, my injuries were severe enough mentally that it was warranted. So he was given to me to be of service," Richelle said patting him on his head. Squiggy looked at the captain and flew to Sharpe's shoulder. "You have been given the Squiggy seal of friendship," Richelle said as he flew back to her shoulder.

Noting how Richelle stopped herself mid sentence Lucy didn't comment but smiled warmly as Squiggy took a brief perch upon her shoulder before returning to the Engineer. "I feel honoured," she replied before scooping up Richelle's luggage and passing to her. "I hate to put you to work straightaway Lieutenant but we could do with your help in engineering as soon as possible."

"Oh? What seems to be the problem captain?" Richelle asked calmly

"We're scheduled to depart tomorrow, Lieutenant Drayton our Ops Chief has been working to meet the deadline," the Captain explained. "The Proteus has been sitting idle of a prolonged spell she still needs nursing into full readiness."

"Well I will get a fresh look at it in the morning. Right now sleep comes at a premium captain," Richelle said looking at a nodding bird on her shoulder.

"Of course I hadn't realised how late it was," Lucy nodded having lost track. She watched the two new arrivals briefly noting how tightly they must be bonded, Richelle must have endured something utterly terrible to required Sqiggy's assistance. It was a test of her character to continue to strive forward, to overcome those setbacks where a lesser person would have jumped ship at the first sign of turbulence.

"Did you need help finding your quarters?" Lucy probed.

"No, we found them captain and I must say they are very accommodating to say the least," Richelle said smiling as Squiggy almost toppled from her shoulder. Poor bird was exhausted and needed sleep.

"Alright," the Commanding Officer nodded. "Good night Lieutenant."


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