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Commander Rhian

Name Rhian

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Human - 1/2 Romulan
Age 102

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 185
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Rhian is an average looking individual in most aspects. His eyes though often move back and forth across a room often. He keeps himself neatly groomed, his hair kept short which accentuate the slight point to his ears and the slightly green tinge to his skin.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Andrew Haines (human) deceased
Mother Sehira (romulan) deceased
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family none that he is aware of.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rhian is a slightly reserved individual, but friendly once you get to know him. He isn't the life of a party, but he will mingle.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Can draw forth small amount of the basic elements (earth, air, fire, water)
+ Intelligence
+ Experience
- His ability to draw forth elements can be dangerous especially when he is very upset as he has not had a lot of formal training
- Using his elemental abilities are tiring
- A touch paranoid about how others see him, given the early years of his career where he was discriminated against.
Ambitions Go to an elemental temple in Romulan space
Have a romantic relationship
Have one of his paintings displayed in a gallery
Hobbies & Interests Painting
3-d Chess
Romulan and Earth Histories

Some Klingon

Personal History In 2293, Rhian’s mother, Sehira, was a security guard assigned to the Romulan ambassador. She had always been a curious sort and had enjoyed her time on Earth. She would often slip off the Romulan compound, disguised as a vulcan, to investigate “potential threats to the ambassador’s safety.”

One night after a drink or two in a human bar, she decided to indulge in what most of her race would consider disgusting and shameful enough for execution and her house shamed, copulation with a human male, Andrew Haines. She enjoyed it and returned to the man a number of times until the events around the destruction of the Klingon moon Praxis and the Romulan embassy was closed and all staff returned to Romulan space.

It was soon after that she learned, despite measures to prevent it, that she was pregnant. She considered aborting the child, but something inside told her not to. She left her house and went into exile to have the child, a male, who she named Rhian.

When Rhian was three, an older Romulan male, who identified himself as an elemental priest, came to her. He told her of a simple prophecy that those of the priesthood had, “One of two worlds would bring light to the darkness of the void.” He believed that her son was what Romulans refer to as elementals and one of a small handful of half-breeds that could be the one the prophecy spoke of.

He also warned her that their life was in danger. The Tal’ishar were searching for those that might not be loyal to the new Praetor. The priesthood was on their watch list, so those who come to the monasteries would come under scrutiny as well. He suggested she leave Romulan territory and go to the Federation. The Vulcans would be more tolerant of them given the quiet rumbles calling for re-unification that were happening. He said in time, the priesthood would come to them.

His mother knew of only one person that may be able to help her, Andrew Haines. Using much of the money she had saved, she arranged for communications to the Federation officer asking for help. Without hesitation Haines agreed. Unfortunately, the Tal’Shiar had intercepted the message and listened in. They set a plan in motion to capture an obvious traitor and a Starfleet officer.

She paid much for transport to a rendezvous point where she would meet Haines on the edge of the neutral zone. Haines and his son only got to spend a few hours together as they prepared for the trip back to the Federation. Then the Tal’Shiar trap was sprung. Haines gave his life so Sehira and Rhian could escape. A month later, they were in Federation territory, requesting asylum on Vulcan. At the request of his son Spock, who knew of the rumblings of re-unification, Ambassador Sarak granted the request.

Their time on Vulcan was difficult the first few years that they lived on Vulcan. It took five years to be treated more than civilly. After that people would engage them and one or two Vulcan children would spend time with Rhian occasionally. When he was ten, Rhian was allowed to attend a Vulcan school that was for those Vulcans who were considered to have less than acceptable capabilities. This school was still hard and most humans would have failed in it. Rhian refused to fail and had average grades.

He did make two friends, but most were just polite and did not associate with him. There were a few that could be considered bullies. Their parents were not afraid to let their belief that Rhian’s presence was a ‘disrupting presence’.

One day when he was 17, the bullies took things too far and not only hurt him, but his friends too. This caused an uncontrolled surge of elemental force due to the intense anger he felt. All were knocked across the room by a forceful surge of wind and Rhian passed out. Not only did one of the bullies sustain a broken bone, worse was that his only friends were now afraid of him. Even if he hadn’t chosen not to go back to the school, he was expelled as a danger to the students and staff.

It wasn’t long after this that the priest who first came to his mother showed up on their doorstep. It was obvious he had gone through a lot as his face and arms were covered with scars and he was missing an eye. He had fallen prey to the Tal’Shiar. He apologized for being so late. For the next three months, he taught Rhian the very rudimentary aspects of controlling his power. Unfortunately the old man died leaving Rhian alone with what he considered a ticking time-bomb inside himself. He would have to figure it out alone.

Uncertain of what to do with himself, Rhian decided after a few months to explore the other half of himself, his humanity. He applied to Starfleet academy, not even being allowed to take the entrance exam. He was rejected the first time as there were many who did not like his Romulan heritage. Rhian was devastated and felt lost. A week later that changed. Apparently Ambassador Spock had kept an eye on the curious Romulan guest from time to time. Rhian received a message from the “Office of Ambassador Spock”, encouraging him to re-apply. Rhian did and apparently the Ambassador sponsored him and he was allowed to take the entrance exam, which he passed easily.

Like his father, Rhian focused on the security track and he graduated with very high marks and received the rank of Ensign. His first assignment was to Operations(2411-2415). Apparently many did not like the idea of a ‘Romulan’ being armed on a regular basis, especially after the Tomed Incident. Rhian was disappointed, but his mother re-assured him letting him know that many Romulans would spend at least ten years in a very junior post before they were considered for even a marginally high-profile position and that he would have to earn superiors’ trust. She also reminded him that his life span would be longer and that he had plenty of time. Rhian decided that he would just perform his job to the best of his ability and trust in the elements.

From 2316 until 2355, Rhian served on a number of ships in operations that mostly operated in central Federation space, so there were no major events that brought about any significant chance to show he was more than just a run of the mill operations officer. Although each year that he tried to transfer to security was unsuccessful, Rhian did learn much about operations on a number of ship classes and in his last tour in operations, he had been promoted to the assistant chief role.

His desire to shift to security was granted in 2355 at the start of the Cardassian conflicts. Due to the relatively peaceful forty years or so, Starfleet did not have many extra personnel in the security field. He was made third in charge of security on the USS Trident. Although he was very pleased at first, he found that he did not enjoy being the spearhead that fought the Cardassians. He knew there was a time for violence, but he did not care for the consistent battles. In 2359, the Trident was heavily damaged in a battle. It was only by the skill of the CONN officer that those who hadn’t died in the fighting survived.

This made Rhian want to do a career shift. He applied and was accepted into the CONN program. He had to go back to Starfleet Academy for advanced training, but he enjoyed it and when he first took the helm he was very excited.

By 2367, Rhian was an accomplished CONN officer, a full Lieutenant, and assistant department head of the CONN department on the USS Merigold. Then the Borg attacked. The Merigold was at Wolf 359. Like most ships there, it received heavy damage, a high percentage of her crew died, and the ship would later be scuttled. Before that, Rhian, injured like many others, Rhian took over the CONN from the dead chief of the department and managed to keep it stable enough not to collide with the debris of all the other ships.

He received a medal of bravery and after he recovered from his injuries, he was sent to basic command school and six months later when he graduated, he was made CONN department head of the USS Chekov, a new Sovereign class vessel. For the first time in his career, he was able to make real, sincere friends, not bothered by his Romulan heritage, despite all the problems they had caused in the past ten years or so. He had found a home.

The Chekov fought a number of battles against the dominion and although many times they came out of the fight limping, they always came out, even at the battle of DS9. After the war, his Captain sent him to command school and after he graduated he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made second officer of the Chekov. Happy where he was, Rhian served aboard the Chekov until 2390. The XO of the Chekov was retiring and it was almost a foregone conclusion that Rhian would be tapped for the position, but the universe had other plans for Rhian. He got word from Vulcan that his mother had died.

Rhian took a leave of absence from Starfleet. For the next five years, Rhian contemplated what to do with his life next. While on Vulcan he also tried to get back in touch with the power that lay within him that he hadn’t been successfully able to explore during his time in Starfleet. While there, he did manage to get to the point where he could call forth small amounts of elements without causing major damage. It was slow and difficult, but he could manage a little. He knew it would take much more training to do so and he hoped to be able to go to a monastery in Romulan territory.

Once more, the universe had different plans. He was contacted by Starfleet. They wanted him to become the XO of the USS Proteus. The Captain was somewhat new to the chair and they felt his breadth of experience would help the new Captain succeed. After a few day’s contemplation, Rhian agreed and received a promotion to Commander and made the Executive officer.
Service Record 2312-2316 - Starfleet Academy
2316-2318 - USS Hermes, Operations Officer
2318-2321 - USS Dunkirk, Operations Officer
3221-3222 - USS Mayflower, Operations Officer
3222-2328 - USS Tucker, Operations Officer
3228-2335 - USS Bozeman-B, Operations Officer
2335-2341 - USS Wakefield, Senior Operations Officer 3rd Shift
2341-2349 - USS Sarek, Senior Operations Officer, 2nd Shift
2349-2355 - USS Athena, Operations Assistant Department Head
2355-2359 - USS Trident - Senior Tactical Officer, 3rd Shift
2360-2361 - Starfleet Academy, CONN Training
2361-2367 - USS Merigold, Assistant Chief CONN Officer
2367-2368 - Starfleet Academy Command School
2368-2390 - USS Chekov, Chief CONN Officer / 2nd Officer
2390-2395 - Leave of Absence
2395-?? - USS Proteus