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A Meeting of Command

Posted on Sun Oct 10th, 2021 @ 3:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Archibald 'Archie' Gates & Captain Lucy Sharpe

Mission: Namesake
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD -1

Lieutenant Commander Archie Gates brushed himself down as the turbolift sped upwards towards the bridge. After stowing his duffle bag in his very plush quarters, Gates made a beeline for the nearest Turbolift so he could report to the Captain.

Being that this was his first posting as an Executive Officer he wanted to give a good impression as well as set a good example to the rest of the crew.

The Turbolift slowed before coming to a full stop. A moment past before the doors slid silently open revealing the command centre of the USS Proteus. He tugged at his uniform before stepping out, he proceeded to walk round the Bridge in an anticlockwise circle. Taking in the various different station locations and making sure everything looked ok. Once satisfied he moved to the Ready Room door and pressed the chime.

Captain Sharpe had just settled herself down behind the desk with a fresh cup of coffee and rolled her eyes at another interruption - they never seemed to end, nor did the constant pile of updates she kept receiving regarding ship readiness prior to the scheduled departure tomorrow. A slice of respite was clearly too much at ask for right now.

"Yes, come in," she called.

Archie walked into the ready room with a smile. "Apologies for disturbing you, Captain, but I'm Lieutenant Commander Archibald Gates. I've been assigned to the Proteus as her Executive Officer." He said as he stood to attention in front of the Captain's desk.

A weary smile broke out on Lucy's lips, she stood and shook Gates' hand. "That's quite alright Commander. Please be at ease, take a seat." She indicated before adding: "Coffee?"

"Thank you, ma'am." He said as he took the offered seat. "Black coffee, please. Extra sweet."

"Already I can tell we're going to get along," Lucy smiled retrieving him the coffee from the replicator. "I simply cannot function without at least two cups in the morning."

"Only two, ma'am?" Archie replied with a small smile. "I need at least four before I get on duty but I will have a spring in my step for the rest of the day."

She chuckled: "None of that tea nonsense either. I know it's personal choice but for it lacks that required kick in my opinion." Handing Archie his cup she retook her seat and blew upon her own steaming drink before taking a large sip. A blissful expression glassed her features before she came to and reviewed his record: "Captain Colburn rings your praises, however this is your first post as XO, correct?"

"Captain Colburn is a good man and a great Captain. He put my career back on track and I can't thank him enough. I was rough around the edges in my youth but I now have my head screwed on properly and I'm here to serve you to the best of my ability, ma'am. " Alfie replied after clearing his throat. "Oh, and I totally agree with the tea comment."

"I can relate: I'm guilty of a similar story myself," Lucy nodded. "Still, no point living the past, we can't change what happened just what we do next."

"No, ma'am, however, there's quite a few in Starfleet that do hold the past against you. Something which has stalled my career some what. But I would like you to know, I'm up to the task of first officer and will prove it to you in my work aboard the ship."

"Good, I'm glad to hear it," the Captain smiled over her cup. "We're certainly going to have our work cut out I'm afraid. The Proteus has been sitting idle for several months following some hefty upgrades, we're still finding teething issues, which, frankly we could do without. We're scheduled to depart at 1400 hours tomorrow, though I haven't spent much time with them our senior staff is quite an assortment. I have concerns over one or two of them already regarding they'll readiness but I have faith in Doctor S'teia to ease out the kinks."

"Concerns, ma'am?" Archie asked. He didn't like blindly reporting for duty but when ship and crew reports don't reach him then there isn't much he can do.

"Yes, Lieutenants Sorenson and Shouwei," Lucy explained. "Both are returning to active duty following and lengthy period of absence due to incidents and trauma they've experienced. Frankly despite Captain Traeger claims I'm even sure Shouwei should be back in the fold let alone on our ship. He turned up looking like something the cat dragged in, apologised for his ill state saying he'd purposely burned his uniform years previously."

Archie made a mental note of those names. "I'm guessing he didn't have access to a replicator to get a refresh one?" He asked, not expecting an answer. "Any particular reason why they've been dumped on our front lawn?"

The Captain grimaced at the question: "I have my suspicions but they'll not proven. My father Admiral Henry Sharpe is against my assignment and in my opinion is attempted to sabotage my captaincy. As you can image we don't play well together any longer."

Archie couldn't help but be surprised by what he'd just been told. "Forgive me, ma'am, but why is your father against your promotion to Captain? Surely it's a great honour?"

"He believes I'm not ready, that I'm too green and still wet behind the ears," she explained. "Reckless, hot headed, and a complete liability to represent the Federation I seem to remember he saying only yesterday as he prowled the bridge like a predator." The Captain sighed and toyed with her cup. "Before our relationship soured I used to idealise him and he took pride in the interests of his two daughters, since Mom passed away everything changed and a rift grew between us. Heather has been playing referee ever since trying and failing to patch things up, make us play happy family again. It's gone too far for that now." She sighed again before collecting herself: "I'm sorry I shouldn't have weighed you down with my life story."

"Every first time Captain is wet behind the ears and green but that's how you learn. You learn by doing, simple." Archie replied. "Don't worry, Ma'am, I'm here for you if you need to vent, whatever is said here will remain between us only."

"Thank you, I may take you up on that from time to time." Lucy grinned. "In the meanwhile we still have some loose ends to tie up before we depart tomorrow, why don't you go and assess our senior staff? I'd be curious to hear your take on them."

"That I shall do, ma'am." He said as he stood up. "if I may be excused I'll get straight to work."

"Granted," she stood also. "We have a big day tomorrow, try not to scare them too much," she smirked.


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