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Welcome, Old Friend

Posted on Wed Aug 25th, 2021 @ 10:46am by Captain Lucy Sharpe & Lieutenant Broderick Drayton

Mission: Namesake
Location: Transporter Room, USS Proteus
Timeline: MD -2

"Signal received, Captain."

Sharpe nodded to the technician: "Begin transport."

With the well-practiced technique, the transporter began to hum into life and bring aboard another member of the Senior staff, however, unlike those already aboard Lucy knew this face very well.

Broderick felt the ionizing sensation of the transporter on his skin and his surroundings changed to the transporter room. As his vision came into focus he saw a familiar face, now with four pips on her lapel. "Lieutenant Broderick Drayton, reporting for duty sir." Broderick stepped towards the captain and handed her his orders on a PADD.

Glancing over the data, Lucy gave a swift nod: "Welcome aboard Lieutenant, again it seems," she smirked happy to see the Klingon Hybrid once more, and instantly dropped the professional façade. "Good to see you again I trust you've been busy since I saw you last."

Broderick's shoulders relaxed a bit. "Glad to be aboard. My recent assignment at Starfleet Operations was... enlightening. It helped me gain more knowledge in operations as well as engineering. Being at headquarters is a bit too comfortable in my opinion." Broderick reached out to shake the captain's hand. "It is a pleasure to be serving under you again, ma'am."

"I know what you mean, it feels a bit too safe back at HQ." Lucy smirked at his comment and shook his hand. "I didn't enjoy my time while stationed there recently. Felt rather alien compared to a vessel. Let's hope we won't run into quite as much trouble as the Gemini this time." She smirked.

"We don't want as much trouble, but the adventure is why I joined Starfleet," Broderick reflected on the Gemini for a brief moment. "I sure miss Captain Hansen and the Gemini. It won't be quite the same, will it?"

"No," she shook her head emitting a small sigh. "It won't be but that's probably best especially if we can avoid giant insects and an encounter with Q. We'd have our hands full with our own adventures in no time."

“If we are… lucky.” Broderick let the nostalgia run a bit before coming back to the task at hand. “Captain, how is the shakedown proceeding at the moment? When are we due for departure?” Broderick was at ease but tensed a bit anticipating he had some work to do in assisting the shakedown.

Indicating they should discuss this on the hoof the Captain lead them into the corridor outside: "We're missing several vital personnel at present, though you'll be relieved to learn our Chief Engineer Lieutenant Sorensen is on route to help finalize proceedings." She explained: "The Proteus had been sitting idle for the last eleven months while her major systems were updated, on paper everything should run smoothly, of course in practice we both know that's not always the case."

"Very good captain, I will consult with my department to get a report on ships operations and then help engineering with final checkups." Broderick walked alongside the captain, slightly behind her so he could follow her on this new ship.

"Last I heard there was a tiny issue with the port nacelle," Lucy commented pressing the button for the lift. "Though nothing serious I'd appreciate it if you could look into it sooner rather than the later. We're scheduled to depart in forty-eight hours."

Broderick stopped in his steps as he heard what was needed to be done. "Aye captain, if you don't mind I will head to engineering right away to begin work." Broderick stood at attention hoping he would be dismissed.

"I thought you'd say that," the Captain smirked over her shoulder at him as the lift arrived. "That's exactly where we're headed to. Deck thirteen," she instructed the lift once they were both inside.

"Very good, captain." Broderick stepped into the turbolift.

The car hummed softly on the short ride before they stepped in through into the ship's beating heart - main engineering. Though in dock it was still a hub of activity, as the Captain had already mentioned there were still some fine-tuning to finalize before they departed.

Sharpe led them deeper inside where she was greeting stiffy followed by a chorus: "Captain, Ma'am," they still felt weird in her ears. "Attention please," she called quickly capturing the room causing the buzz of activity to pause: "This is Lieutenant Broderick Drayton, Chief of Operations," she introduced him. "He'll be overseeing the remaining articles on the checklist temporally. Report your progress to him."

Quickly the hive of activity resumed and Lucy turned to the Klingon with a smile upon her lips: "Have fun. They're very eager to please."

"Yes, captain," Broderick agreed. "Alright, Lieutenant Sorensen is almost aboard this ship, and the most work I want her to worry about is the final checks for engineering systems. Let's get to it, people!"


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