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Doctor on Board

Posted on Mon Sep 6th, 2021 @ 1:32am by Lieutenant S'teia & Captain Lucy Sharpe

Mission: Namesake
Location: USS Proteus
Timeline: MD -2

Lt S'teia, well Dr. S'teia approached the Utopia Planetia shipyards. Her destination was the USS Proteus for her first assignment as Chief Medical Officer. Her tail twitched with excitement This was a great opportunity for her. The Proteus was a small scout ship. so hopefully not to many medical needs but she would be there for them. In space you never know. She was looking forward to meeting the Captain Lucy Sharpe. She had heard good things about her.

She gathered her bag with her belongings. Amazing what you can fit in a bag after so many years of living on a ship, She had accumulated quite a few memories. Ut us always hard to leave friends behind. But she did. She hoped to still stay in touch but how practical that was, the Caitian Doctor couldn't say. Being a doctor took up a lot of time, keeping up with the latest Medical journals and such.

The Shuttle docked with the ship. Hopefully the Captain would be there to greet her. But if not, she could find her way to sickbay by herself.

Still quietly seething from her Father's visit Lucy willed herself to rein her emotions in as she waited for the arriving shuttle and the docking cycle to complete. Once pressure had been equalised the doors hissed open revealing the first of her crew to arrive: Doctor S'teia - her brown Caitian features quivered slightly in the freshly disturbed air. If S'teia had been blessed with telepathic powers the Captain was certain she'd be receiving some rather contradictory messages as Lucy waited for the new arrival to present herself officially.

S'teia looked at the Captain. She could sense that she was a bit stressed perhaps? well perhaps with this being her first command she was worried about getting everything right. "Permission to come aboard Captain." The caitian said.

"Granted Lieutenant," Lucy nodded and held out her hand. "Welcome aboard."

"Thank you Captain. I do prefer Doctor over Lt though. I am a doctor first and foremost." She said with a smile. as her tail flicked back and forth.

"Of course, I understand," the human acknowledged as this was the case in most medical personnel she'd worked with previously. "Would you care to inspect are medical facilities to ensure they meet your requirements?"

Her eyes lit up at this suggestion. "mm yes please captain. Very much so! Please lead the way." She waited for the captain to lead the way to the sickbay.

A smirk tugged at Lucy's lips at the Doctor's enthusiasm. "Why don't you tell me a little bit more about yourself Doctor?" she asked leading them to the closet lift.

S'teia smiled, "Well I am 35 years old. I have been interested in medicine since I was 10 years old. I have studied hard to be the best doctor I can be and am always trying to keep up with then latest techniques and medical news. I like team sports and gymnastics and martial arts.. I like nice romantic walks with somebody special I am a romantic at heart. When it comes to medicine, I can be quite stubborn. I don't like to give up on a patient Anything else you want to know?" She said as her tail flicked. Most of this was in her personnel file anyway but she didn't mind telling the captain.

The lift car opened masking the Captain's small chuckle S'teia wasn't her atypical no nonsense Doctor for sure, it was refreshing after the cold hearted types she'd become accustomed to. "That tail must really help your gymnastics," she nodded as it twitched. "Deck Five," the car hummed into life

"Rr, not as much as might people think. It helps some but our tails are not prehensile. We can't control them. Still there are times when it is quite helpful. " She stepped into the turbolift with the Captain. "Still our natural agility helps a lot. I like team sports as well. Gymnastics is nice but not really a team sport. I sometimes need to be around other people."

"You're quite competitive, Doctor?" the Captain asked.

"Yes I am to a point. I enjoy competing and I like winning but not a big deal to lose. I just strive to do the best I can." She said

"That's a admirable ethos to have," Sharpe commented. "Try not to loose sight of that especially when things go wayward - I never want to put us into dangerous situations but I'm sure you're aware how unpredictable things can be."

"My dear Captain, when it comes to losing patients I am a sore loser. I don't like to lose patients. No Doctor does. I do my best to get past it but it hurts That's the way doctors are. WE fight to save lives and heal the wounded as best we can.".

The lift drew to halt and the two continued into the small but well equipped sickbay. Atypically of most of the Federation's smaller ship classes it housed three bio and a further surgical bay off to once side, a small glass panelled office sat in the heart of the room offering it's occupant prefect view of the department. With the Proteus still in berth Sickbay was empty of patients but as to be expected still stood ready for emergencies of all variety.

"Welcome to your new home from home Doctor," Sharpe announced.

"Mmm very nice! Very nice indeed! Yes this will do quite nicely! This looks to be a excellent sickbay! Yes indeed.! Fortunately no need for it right now but she'll will stand ready when we are needed." S'teia said with a smile. Yes indeed! it is a great sickbay. Perfect for a ship this size. "I can't wait to get settled into my new office. Of course I will need to get settled in my quarters too!"

The Captain couldn't help but smile at S'teia's enthusiasm banishing the blues from her family meeting. "I'm glad you approve, however if there is anything that doesn't meet your specifications the Quartermaster should be able to help arrange things before we depart in approximately forty eight hours."

"I understand Captain. I will check everything and make sure we have what we need. Fortunately I have the crew roster and medical records to make sure we have what we end per species as well as any individual medication that might be needed. We probably have everything but I defiantly want to double check." S'teia

"Sounds like you already have everything at hand," Sharpe nodded. "I'll leave you to become better acquainted."

"Thank you Captain!" She said. The next few hours were spent making sure she had everything she needed. Fortunately, everything she could think of was there. Once she was satisfied she started settling into her office. Yes indeed. This was a good start to their voyage.


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