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The Call

Posted on Mon Feb 21st, 2022 @ 8:47pm by Captain Lucy Sharpe & Commander Rhian & Commander S’chqenr Tolkath, Son of Srada. Son of Tarshan & Lieutenant Broderick Drayton & Lieutenant Osher Shouwei & Lieutenant S'teia

Mission: Message in the Dark
Location: Bridge

It was a relief to Captain Sharpe to finally be underway again. The unexpected stop at Starbase 395 and shuffle in personnel had unsettled both the crew and herself just as they were being to find their rhyme. Now they were forced to start from scratch again.

She glanced over at her new XO and Science Chief absently while they worked wondering how they were settling in. Arriving late into an established crew could often be challenging especially for the inexperienced, these two however had that in spades. Hell, they were probably more capable to Command the Proteus than she was. At least they'd be in good hand should something terrible happen she thought with a pout.

"Status report," she called clearing away those sour thoughts.

Tolkath was sat at the Science station quietly reviewing, categorizing and storing incoming sensor data. They were entering a region of space seldom navigated by Federation vessels and he had configured the long range sensors to sweep a cone ahead of the ship, along their course.

So far, the only thing of note had been some increased levels of polarized ion radiation, high levels could pose a possible hazard, but it was in a distance area, at an oblique vector to their current direction of travel.

“Long range sensors are clear at this time Captain” He reported. “Some increased ion radiation levels, but off to our port and not along our current vector.”

Osher was not at all happy with the crew changes. In his experience that usually meant trouble. For all he knew one of them was an agent of some foreign power, or a shape shifter, or-

His ruminations almost caused him to miss the Captain's request, a quick scan of the board and he replied, "Tactical systems are fine, sir. Condition green."

A shrill bleeping emitted from the Ops station interrupting the crew.

"Captain, I'm receiving a distress signal on a wideband subspace frequency." Broderick was working to lock on to the specific location of the signal.

That caught Sharpe's attention causing her to sit straighter: "Let's hear it," she called.

"Only receiving the signal on audio, sir." Broderick quickly started to broadcast the message.

The message played through the speaks its content distorted, broken and degraded. =^=..vessel Nightwalker...taken heavy damage...rescue...=^=

"Can you clear it up?" the Captain turned looking hopefully toward Drayton and Tolkath.

Tolkath accessed the communications system, linking it to his sensor controls, the signal was coming from the same direction as the increased ion radiation readings.

"The signal coming from the same vicinity as the ion radiation Captain, that is causing the interference. As the ionic band is generally in the low range, a high-band filter may clean up the signal Mister Drayton" Tolkath reported

Broderick worked on running the filter through the signal. "This should clean it up, sir."

The message continued with less interference: =^=We've been attacked! Taken heavy damage, making emergency descent, require immediate assistance=^=

"Where's the source?" Sharpe asked next.

"From Remmil VI, ma'am," came the reply from across the bridge. At the conn the pilot was already anticipating the next question: "It will take us several hours to reach them at maximum wrap."

"That might be too long," Sharpe murmured. "Any other vessels in range?"

"Not that we can tell."

"The vector for Remmil VI will take us directly towards the area of increased ion radiation Captain" Tolkath cautioned. "Although, as yet, I have insufficient data to predict whether or not it is at hazardous levels"

"Noted Commander," the Captain nodded. "Alright," she continued: "Seems like we're forging a new course. Helm plot it in. Drayton, Tolkath try to let them know we're on our way and monitor the ion radiation. Commander Rhian find out more about the Nightwalker and what might await us on Remmil VI."

"Mister Drayton, increasing transmission power and shifting frequency to the higher range should enable our signal to override the radiation interference and reach the other vessel" Tolkath suggested to the Operations officer

"Yes, sir." Broderick was continuing to work on the signal.

"Lieutenant Shouwei", Rhian said. "Do recent intelligence reports indicate if there have been any other attacks within the last five days? If so, do they indicate by whom?"

"There have been no indications of any hostile activity in that particular part of space," Osher replied, "Just the simmering distrust between the different factions in the area. I would not care to speculate who might be behind this attack, not without more data."

"Captain," Osher stated, "This reminds me of an old school academy training scenario and we cannot discount the possibility it is a trap. I recommend we at least go in with shields up. That radiation source could easily interfere with our sensors and mask a potential ambush."

"Shields not required at this time, as there is no degradation of sensor capabilities" Tolkath reported, "however, that may change as we approach Remmil VI. Recommend reconsideration of Mister Shouwei's suggestion when we are closer, Captain, in approximately four hours fourteen minutes."

"I agree," the Captain concurred. "Lieutenant, monitor our vector, keep your eyes peeled. Whomever attacked the Nightwalker could still be at large. Doctor," Sharpe touched the com to Sickbay: "We're responding to a distressed vessel that may have wounded, our ETA is approximately four hours."

"I understand Captain. I'll ready my staff! If there are wounded we will attend to them." She replied. Yes these are the moments that doctors know this is when they are needed most. Whatever the situation, she and her medical staff will handle the challenge.

"Aye, Captain," Osher replied as he set a timer on his board, counting down to four hours and...ten minutes....

Tolkath adjusted the sensors, aligning them along the new vector, he started a tracking program to monitor the rising ionic radiation levels and began searching the navigational database for information on the Remmil VI system.

Rhian watched and listened to the crew in action. So far, they were responding well.


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