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I Come to serve

Posted on Thu Jan 27th, 2022 @ 10:44am by Captain Lucy Sharpe & Commander S’chqenr Tolkath, Son of Srada. Son of Tarshan

Mission: Message in the Dark
Location: SB395 & USS Proteus
Timeline: Docked at SB 395 MD3


[Starbase 395 - Docking Pylon Four: USS Proteus Main hatch]

A Vulcan commander in Teal approached the Security Officer on duty at the hatchway and presented his identification.

"Good morning Sir" The Officer ran their names against the incoming crew transfer roster, checking them both off.

"Welcome, aboard. Your quarters are on Deck Two, Commander Tolkath. If you leave your luggage here I'll have it taken up there. Captain Sharpe requests you join her in the Ready Room as soon as you come aboard. Nearest turbolift is straight ahead, third on the left" He pointed down the hatchway corridor.

[Bridge & Captain's Ready Room]

Stepping off the lift Tolkath was met by a Yeoman. "One moment sir, she said. I'll let the Captain know you are here"

She crossed over to the Ready Room and stuck her head in "I have Commander Tolkath; Chief Science Officer. Shall I show him in?"

Putting aside the tactical report she'd been reading over Sharpe nodded glad to have a distraction: "Please do."

The Yeoman nodded and a moment later a Vulcan entered, came to attention and announced himself. "M'arm, Commander Tolkath, Service Number Tango-Zule-Four-Six-Seven-Nine Hundred. My orders Captain"

He placed a PaDD on Sharpe's desk. "I come to serve" He finished with the traditional Vulcan saying.

"At ease Commander," the human Captain waved him down as she scooped up his document and scrolled through them briefly. "You seem a little over qualified to be here," she glanced up from her reading to gauge his reaction. Naturally, there was none. Returning the PaDD to the desk the Captain rephrased her observation: "Why come to Proteus, an experienced officer such as yourself would have had the pick of at least three other postings, so why here?"

Tolkath relaxed and replied. "You are correct Captain. I was offered the Director of Research assignment at Starbase Four-Eleven, also the Science Advisory Officer role on Commodore Reynolds staff. However, I have no interest in staff or desk positions at this time and aboard the Proteus we can do what Starfleet is best at... exploring"

"Indeed," Sharpe nodded. "Something we've lost sight of in recent years following the fallout from the Dominion War. I hope we can find enough to peak your interest in our journey. Do you have preferred field?"

"My Doctoral Dissertation was on Quantum dynamic degeneration sequence calculations for trans-warp field theory. " Tolkath replied. "Since joining Starfleet I have moved into more general science disciplines, besides a period working at Science Ops Intelligence Applications Directorate; thus I am capable of working within a variety of fields most likely to be encountered on exploratory mission.

Natural sciences, Biology, Geology, Botany, Chemistry and so forth as well as Technological sciences, Engineering, Robotics, Electrical, Nuclear, Atomic, Fusion energies"

He reeled off the list with a level tone, no hint of pride or boastfulness.

"Quite a list I gather," Sharpe interrupted gently as Tolkath continued to list his specialties. "We barely know anything about the the neutral zone were to patrol and explore, I'm sure we'll uncover enough nuggets to keep you busy Commander."

"I concur Captain" Tolkath replied

"Good," She smiled politely: "We shall be departing the starbase presently, I would recommend you inspect our facilities before we depart should you wish to make some alterations."

"Understood Captain" Tolkath nodded. "I will advise you if we need to requisition any additional equipment or supplies."

He came to attention again, did a smart right turn and departed.


Cmdr Tolkath


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