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A New Adventure

Posted on Thu Jan 6th, 2022 @ 4:42am by Commander Rhian

Mission: Namesake
Location: Vulcan

With his eyes closed, Rhian's fingers gently broke the skin of the water in the basin before him. He took in the sensation of the cool liquid as it coated his skin.

“Open your heart and you will hear the elements call to you’, Rhian could hear his mentor say.

Unfortunately the old man died only three months after beginning to train Rhian to tap into the power that lay within him so many years ago. Now, he was stuck with it trying to claw its way out. He had spent the last five years since his mother had died trying to develop it more and had made little progress.

Slowing his breathing down, Rhian closed his mind to the distractions of the room around him. He could hear very faint ‘whispers’, that sounded like very gentle rain falling, as he lifted his index finger from the water. He felt a drizzle on his face as a single drop of water clung to his fingertip. The water slowly swirled together taking a perfect spherical shape, barely the size of a pea.

The small sphere of water then circled around the tip of his finger as if it had been gently spun. Rhian continued to calm his breathing as the more the bead of water moved around his finger, the harder it became to control. Focusing intently, he slowly brought his finger tip to his thumb. As he concentrated, the sphere of water started to move from his finger to his thumb. Rhian’s concentration was broken by the sound of the comm panel chime. The bead of water collapsed and his ears were filled with the sound of crashing waves.

It took a few moments for Rhian to clear his head as the comm panel chimed again. His head throbbed, just like it did every time he tried to channel his powers. He got to his feet and walked to the panel and pressed the button to activate it as it rang a third time. The face that appeared was very familiar.

“Cap,err Admiral Esiko”, Rhian said, seeing that his former Captain and mentor from the Chekov had been promoted.

“Hello Rhian”, Esiko replied. “It is good to see you.”

“Likewise”, Rhian said with a smile. “I didn’t expect to see you with a heavier collar. As I recall, you had always advised me and Commander Vedras to not allow them to promote us to flag rank.

“Well, grandchildren tend to change things”, the Admiral said. “My second daughter had twins and I wanted to be there for them.”

“That is excellent news, sir”, Rhian said smiling.

“I’ve enjoyed it, even though they stuck me in personnel”, Esiko replied. “Rather boring compared to some of the adventures we have had.”

“Oh, come now”, Rhian said with a smirk. “You can’t say the maze of bureaucracy and politics of Starfleet Command don’t rival life aboard the Chekov.”

“Well, they may rival in scope, but not in excitement”. Esiko said, returning the smirk, before his face turned a little more serious.

“What can I do to assist you Admiral?” Rhian asked, recognizing the look.

“I know you are on leave of absence, but I have a situation that could use your experience”, Esiko answered. “I have a Captain that I think is being railroaded. She isn’t aware yet, but her XO is being transferred under what I believe are false pretenses. I started to investigate the reasoning, but I was politely told to stand down.”

“To what end?” Rhian asked.

“I am not sure”, the Admiral replied. “She’s a bit green and got the center seat a bit sooner than I would have recommended, but she’s a good officer with a solid record. I don’t want to see her fail due to someone’s political ego trip. No new Captain deserves that. You were going to be Commander Vedras’ replacement after she retired before your mother died. What would it take for me to convince you to come back from your leave of absence and take up the XO role for this Captain?”

“You could delete that recording of me drunk with the Risan Ambassador to start”, Rhian said with a mischievous smile, remembering one of the very few times he had lost control of his consumption of alcohol.

“Oh, I deleted that years ago”, Esiko said with a laugh, remembering the event Rhian was referring to.

“Well then”, Rhian said. “I am at your disposal to assign as Starfleet needs sir.”

“Thank you, Rhian”, Esiko replied. “I will send you all the details on the Proteus and her Captain. Well, I’ve used up enough of your time. The next time you are on Earth, please come by.”

“I will sir, as long as I can get some of your wife’s tri-berry pie”, Rhian said.

“You can count on it Commander”, Esiko said and the channel closed.

Rhian looked about his quarters with a pensive smile. It looked like the elements were drawing him and Starfleet back together again. It was time though. Five years had been a long enough break.

Commander Rhian
Executive Officer
USS Proteus


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