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Disapproving Father

Posted on Thu Aug 5th, 2021 @ 9:21am by Captain Lucy Sharpe
Edited on on Mon Aug 23rd, 2021 @ 7:24pm

Mission: Namesake
Location: Bridge, USS Proteus, Utopia Planetia Shipyards
Timeline: MD -2

Blowing out her cheeks Captain Sharpe allowed her eyes to roll closed as she collected herself. The steady sound of applause and warmth of the Admiral’s hand shaking hers still tugged at her senses, the ceremony slipped by quickly as she rode upon a wave of nerves and bubbling excitement.

Now, standing alone upon the bridge of the USS Proteus – officially her ship Lucy wanting nothing more than to pinch herself to ensure this wasn’t a surreal dream.

Then a voice punctured her moment of peace a voice that instantly put fire in her belly:
“Ahem, permission to come aboard Captain?”

Lucy’s body visibly stiffened at the raspy voice of Admiral Henry Sharpe – her father. Once her idol whom she’d adored and worshipped above everything, he was single handily responsible for her inspiration to join Starfleet but since they’ll relationship soured, they’d barely spoken.

“And if I say no?” she challenged opening her eyes and turning to face him. He stood upon the threshold of the lift car looking the ever dominate and arrogant git she knew.

Her counter didn’t even cause a flicker across his face: “That’s your prerogative of course, though I could simply over rule you and inbound your ship even before it’s departure.”

So, Henry the bully had showed up, so much for the proud father Heather mentioned. One way or another he was going to invade her space, stamp his invasion and misguided words of wisdom whether Lucy liked it or not. She folded her arms stubbornly: “Fine, what do you want?”

Pacing around the bridge idly admiring the stations on his way Henry began to speak: “I remember my first ship, how excited, yet terrified I felt at the same time,” he turned toward her.
“Knowing you’ll now at the top of the chain, every decision made would affect the crew, they’ll safety is paramount in my duty to uphold the Prime Directive.”

Watching him weave his way closer Lucy remained silent his words had already been echoed by many other today, frankly the message was becoming stale.

“Are you ready to make those decisions that could jeopardise everything Lucy? Out there there’s no second chances, no backup waiting in the wings if you screw things up, lives are in your hands and not just those of your crew. This isn’t a game anymore, you’re in the big league now and we take no prisoners.”

“You trying to scare me, make me tug my tail between my legs and run for the hills?” She asked deadpan, “Or is this the normal prep-talk you give to new Captains?”

His eyes hardened: “You don’t have the experience of your peers, you were barely First Officer five minuets before the board granted you this opportunity. You’re too green and frankly that makes you dangerous.”

“Courageous – “

“Reckless, hot headed, a complete liability to represent the Federation.”

Lucy snorted and stepped briskly forward: “In case you hadn’t noticed I’ve earned this rank and position through hard work and some bloody hard times – it’s not a silver platter some critics believe. God knows I never wanted anything from you especially now. If you’ve quite finished get off my ship.”

“Though we’re related remember your place Captain. Disrespect me again and you’ll bear the consequences.” The Admiral threatened.

“Of if Heather could see you now, she’d understand why I hate you so much,” Lucy folded her arms again and stared at him coldly. “I’d not let you anywhere near that baby if it were up to me.”

“Unfortunately for you I can easily send you to Alpha Quadrant where you won’t be seeing Heather or her baby for a very long time.”

“Stop kidding yourself,” she countered. “We both know that would never wash, aside from the obvious the Proteus isn’t kitted out for exploration of that length of time. Plus, as you have already pointed out they’d never send such a green Captain out there.”

Henry’s lips curled and he tossed her a data padd: “Indeed, your orders are to head to Starbase 395 in the El-Adrel sector before heading into the neutral space, providing you can navigate your ragbag crew that far.”

His throw was off, or at least so she thought as the padd sailed past before landing softly on the seat reserved for the Executive officer

“I hope for the sake of the crew you’re assigned an experienced XO to keep you in line – “

“Or what? So you can add another Sharpe name to the memorable wall?” Lucy snapped having endured enough of his criticism. “I’m not a fool, don’t tell me what I should do this is my ship and now I’m ordering to you leave before you can taint my crew with your lies and beautiful words of encouragement.” She knew she’d crossed the line and Henry would enjoy smearing her name across the book of misconduct, frankly right now she didn’t care.

“Don’t expect any sympathy when this burns around you.”

“I wasn’t planning on any.”

The muscles in Henry’s jaw were starting to bulge in his effort to keep both calm and silent – Lucy’s uncensored mouth had always landed her in trouble throughout her youth, now as she stood upon the bridge of her own starship that attitude could be her demise. The Admiral shook his head in defeat before cutting a direct line to the lift wondering if this would be the last time he’d see his daughter alive.


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