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Posted on Thu Jan 6th, 2022 @ 7:51pm by Captain Lucy Sharpe & Lieutenant Broderick Drayton & Lieutenant Osher Shouwei & Lieutenant S'teia

Mission: Namesake
Location: Briefing Room, USS Proteus
Timeline: Docked at SB 395 MD11 1600

The journey to SB395 had been a good test for both the previously unloved vessel and her new crew. It had been eventful, Captain Sharpe had reflected. The battle drills at first were gruelling, Lieutenant Shouwei had a very unique method of running his department and pushing his team, meanwhile the simulations from Sickbay were exceptionally positive. The partnership between Sorenson and Drayton had the Proteus running smoothly masking any evidence of her prolonged spell sitting on the side-line prior. Commander Gates, too was beginning to flourish in his role and proving to be great asset and confidant.

They had docked at 395 two days ago in order to take on supplies and iron out any remaining issues before heading into the neutral zone tomorrow morning. It had offered them all a small opportunity to explore the station which after today would be the nearest safe port should things turn sour. Early indications hadn't flagged save for the odd minor disagreement caused by a over zealous Ferengi trading vessel unwilling to pass the chance of making a profit.

The Captain had called a senior staff meeting ahead of tomorrow's departure, and while she waited for them to arrive she enjoyed the stillness with a ever present coffee.

Osher paused in the conference room's doorway and glanced on either side of the door, then at the floor and then finally at the ceiling before entering. He caught the distinct whiff of someone's roast, said someone being the captain. He nodded politely and glanced about the room, then he began to walk about, idly touching the back of a chair, staring a long moment out the window at the stars, even seeming to test his footing on the floor by pressing his foot down...

Archie walked into the conference room a few moments after Shouwei. He silently cursed himself for not being at the first briefing first. We would do better next time. "Good afternoon." He said in a chipper tone as he headed to the replicator and ordered himself a coffee. "Can I get anyone anything?" He asked, turning back to the two people already present.

"I'm good, thanks," Osher replied. He stamped on the floor, frowned. Then he took a seat facing the doors, the frown still on his face.

Sharpe shook her head at Gates' question observing Shouwei's antics: "Thank you, but no."

Broderick stepped in with Raktajino in one hand and a PADD in another. He sat down at the closest chair for the conference table.

"Problem, Lieutenant Shouwei?" Gates asked.

"There is always a problem, Commander," the Chief Tactical Officer replied, absently, "But that's just my job," he shrugged and after a moment added, "I woke up this morning convinced I was in a highly sophisticated simulation, but that happens from time to time."

He glanced over at the XO and smiled slightly, "I am almost convinced that I am on a starship taking orders from you, and that I am not the plaything of some elder higher intelligence."

"Maybe one of us should pinch you to ensure you're still not sleeping," Sharpe chuckled lowly.

Osher raised an eyebrow at that but decided to refrain from any comment.

With a smirk lingering upon his lips Gates sipped his fresh coffee before taking his seat at the table.

Now the crew had arrived the Captain set aside her cup, straightened and started the meeting: "Once we've secured the last of our provisions aboard we're departing at 0800 hours into the neutral zone. Our primary objective is to survey the area, most of the previous data held on the Starfleet databanks is vastly outdated. Initial findings suggest several undiscovered planetoids, uncharted asteroid belts other and stellar phenomenon's, all of which we have been instructed to document." Sharpe stood and bought up a map of the area on the screen: "We however, will not be alone. Therefore our second objective is to play nice with the locals: Tamarian, Ktarian, Tzenketh and Cardassian space all connect around us. It's imperative we do not provoke these parties in any manner. Any questions?"

Osher took in the map and cocked his head.

"I am going to have to brush up on my cultural metaphors," Osher murmured, frowning thoughtfully. He added, "Captain, there are a lot of places to hide in all that mess. I can only assume we could be running into people involved in illicit activity as well."

"Potentially," Sharpe acknowledged with a nod. "We have to take each encounter on a case-by-case basis, this is neutral space after all. We should continue to follow Starfleet protocols wherever possible and defend ourselves if required."

Broderick looked up from his PADD and blurted out somewhat loudly, "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra! Sokath, his eye opened!" Broderick raised his fist in exhortation, "Darmok and Jalad on the ocean!"

"Good to see you've been doing some research Broderick," the Captain smiled. "We may need that should we encounter the Tamarians on this journey."

"Anything is possible, however I rather doubt we will encounter any Tamarians. Not anytime soon. Should we send down a landing party, I do hope you will observe safety protocols That said I will make sure sickbay is prepped for emergencies." Dr S'teia said.

"Thank you Doctor, hopefully things won't come to that," Shape nodded.

"They probably will," Osher replied with a wry smile, "That does bring me to an issue I would like to bring up in that I would like to insure every crewman is up to date on phaser training, basic survival as well as hand-to-hand combat. That would mean cancelling any recreational holodeck time and it would necessitate me potentially brutalizing a substantial portion of the crew. I have found in the past that pain is an effective learning tool. Of course that will dovetail nicely into the basic first aid courses I would like to see initiated as well."

The Chief Tactical Officer was outright grinning, "If I am not hated by the entire crew, then I feel I am not doing my job..."

Gates straightened: "I'm sure we can still have excellent results without the injuries," he commented having experienced some of these training measures first hand after a technical issue.

"I concur," the Captain nodded. "While I agree extra training will be beneficial for everyone I do not believe inflicting pain is quite necessary."

"Rrr, yes. I agree! I can handle the first aid training. I am the cmo after all. And as for inflicting pain, I would prefer, like you Captain, no pain inflicted. I certainly do not plan on doing so in my first aid training class. I feel pain in unnecessary and does more harm than good!" S'teia said

"Thank you Doctor, Lieutenant." Lucy nodded glad for the back up from Gates. "I'd like you both to create a training program for combat and medical - independently -" she glanced sideways at the security chief ensuring he understood her. "To be on my desk before we depart."

Osher leaned back in his chair, an ironic expression crossing his face as he regarded his fellow officers. He had a feeling he had an uphill battle with these people. The universe was an ugly, vicious place and was trying to kill you all the time. Hopefully he could drive some hard lessons home before one of these bleeding hearts wound up getting him killed. He kept his mouth shut; he was not about to lie to anyone and claim he was going to change his plans to suit their 'civilized' sensibilities.

"Any other pieces to add?" Sharpe asked the room.

"Completely copasetic here, Captain," Osher replied with a smile.

"All fine here Captain!" S'teia said , her tail flicking back and forth.

"Very good, you're dismissed," Sharpe stood.

With the final pieces finalized the senior staff filed, however Commander Gates lingered catching Lucy's attention.

"Something on your mind?" She asked returned her now cold coffee to the replicator.

Archie toyed with his mug struggling to meet her eye, then with a heavy sigh he finally said: "I have some news, some that I don't think you're going to like..."


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