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Another Test

Posted on Fri Dec 17th, 2021 @ 1:09pm by Captain Lucy Sharpe & Lieutenant S'teia

Mission: Namesake
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD02 - 0240 Hours

While the bridge played out it's battle scenario on deck five main sickbay was also being put through it's paces. Until Doctor S'teia had arrived the EMH - a reincarnation of the infamous Doctor McCoy aka Sawbones had been automatically bought online and was taking charge.

"Power up all stations, clear away your research Crewmen and prepare for injuries," he instructed before briefly pausing to ensure all medical personnel had been summoned to partake in the simulation even those whom had been until a moment ago resting peacefully in bed.

He's eyes glazed momentarily as he received commands: "The ship has come under attack from Breen vessels, we should be receiving the first of the wounded shortly. Ah, Doctor S'teia your timing is impeccable." The hologram turned to his Caitian colleague.

"Yes indeed. It seems the Breen have decided that this part of space belongs to them despite the treaty. So now we prepare for casualties." She looked around. Most of the medical personnel were there but few still hadn't made it in yet! It was worth noting. If they didn't show up in a reasonable amount of time, they could be reprimanded for it. Still, it was a new crew and some were not long out of the academy. However she would make it clear that she expects that in an emergency all medical personnel were to report to sickbay asap!

"Let's hope breaking the treaty is the only thing the Breen are intending to do," the hologram replied dryly feeling the deck vibrate beneath him. "Engineering have reported casualties, the first are on their way up. How do you wish to organize Doctor?"

S'teia nodded. "Indeed doctor. Minor cuts and burns van be just transported to a seat. The minor stuff can wait if need be. If someone comes in with just bruising, they don't need to be here. That will heal on it's own. The heavy stuff, broken bones, severe burns, radiation poisoning, they go directly to the med beds as best as we can. They 're highest priority."
She had to admit she liked having and EMH based on the legendary Leonard McCoy. The man was one of her heroes. A pioneer in the medical field. With the EMH it felt like McCoy was really there almost.

"Very good," the hologram nodded moving to prepare the nearest bay for it's first arrival.

He didn't have to wait long.

Three injured persons staggered into sickbay as the ship quivered: one engineer, a soot streaked human was being assisted by his colleagues having taken the brunt of the force. The left side of his body was deformed, scared with heavy burns, the other two had suffered relatively minor lacerations in comparison.

"Bring him here," the EMH instructed the trio. Together they lowered the burn victim down gently before the other two were treated by waiting medics. "Ensign Dawson," the Doctor retrieved the personal file from the ships computer. "What happened?"

Dawson tried to laugh but it instantly turned into a grimace: "You know Sawbones, just the usual - trying to keep you operating at peak."

"This is hardly the place to joke around son," the hologram scanned his patient as they spoke. "You have second, third degree burns and a broken rib."

"Yeah, a conduit exploded close by it tossed me around a bit."

"Ahh, you have to watch out for those conduits Ensign. They have a habit of exploding when the ship is under attack. I'm Dr. S'teia, the cmo around here. Now let take a look at that arm." She examined it with the tricorder. "Hmm 2nd degree burn. Could be worse." She smiled at the ensign. "No worries. OK I need 5 cc's of thermakyto please." Once that was handed to her she injected the ensign. "That will prevent infection and dull the pain. Now I need a dermal regenerator."
Once the dermal regenerator was positioned over his arm, she said "This will take a bit but it will regenerate the burnt tissue and the arm will be good to go."

"Thanks Doc," the Ensign replied watching her work with fascination.

"There's been further damage in engineering," the hologram Doctor announced. "The seriously wounded are being beamed directly," his words were instantly followed by the distinctive sound of the ships transporters and deposited three more injured persons on the waiting beds.

"Alright people! Let's move. Nurse t'mayta, dr t'chaya with me. Let's triage these three and attend to them . You to McCoy. We might have more coming in after this. She examines the first of the three to determine the extent and the nature of the injuries.

"Please help," her patient gripped S'teia's wrist stopping her abruptly. "I need a veterinarian the Alpaca herd, they've been attacked by a beast..." The woman, attempted to sit pulling S'teia closer as she did. At her close proximity the CMO would have been able to see the dilated pupils of her patient - coupled with her disoriented behaviour and obvious head trauma it should take the Caitian long to diagnose.

"Of course they safe. Just take it easy now and it will all be ok." She managed to put the crewman's arm down and gave her a sedative. "Oh yeah. You have some head trauma alright. Last time I heard there weren't any alpaca's in engineering let alone on board the ship. Ok lets see what the tricorder says." She wan the scanner over the patients head. "I see. Yeah you took a good blow to the head. OK well the cortical stimulator will take care of that. " She placed the small device on the crewman's head and turned it on. "About ten minutes should do it. Then we will take it from there but I expect you will need to stay here for 24-48 hours for observation and resat. No worries ensign, we'll get you fixed up.'

Alongside the second seriously injured patient was bleeding heavily, from any ugly wound to the torso. "Try to stay still," McCoy's hologram instructed signalling for a sedative from the nurse. "Thrashing about will make it worse," he consulted the tricorder: "You have a punctured lung," he announced flatly. "Try to control your - " he was cut off abruptly as power to sickbay flickered momentarily.

"Doctor S'teia!" Nurse t'mayta shrilled, "Sawbones has gone offline!"

Muttering a caitian expletive S'teia said "Computer , reactivate emh!" Then she saw to the wounded crewman. "Check his blood type and get some blood in him This wound is nasty. Let's get a sterilizing field on it and get it closed. "Alright Lt. You stay still, got it? I'm the doctor and you are under my command here. I give the orders in sickbay and I'm ordering you to stay still or I will tranquilize you!"

"Unable to comply," the Computer announced at the order given. "Main power has been compromised."

Nurse t'mayta hurried to carry out her task, cross matching the injured Lieutenant 's blood and hastily requested some to replace the spilled volume.

The patient cradled his wounded side obvious to the buzz around him and the loss of Sawbones.

"Here's the bloods Doctor," t'mayta returned to the station. "Ooof," she bumped against S'teia accidently as the Proteus shuddered once more. "They certainly mean business don't they?"

"Easy T'martya! Yes they do mean business. Ok EMH is offline because primary power is offline. Well we can get by without him. Dr. McCoy, the real one, did it. Ok let get some blood into the patient while I patch him up." S'teia said. "T'matya, just do what you were trained to do and you will be fine." She smiled at the nurse. She tried to be encouraging to the younger and less experienced nurses and doctors so they would have confidence in them selves.

"Y-yes ma'am," the nurse steadied herself with a deep breath before turning her attention to the third patient. Like the walking wounded Ensign from before this patient had some serious burns to treat especially around her face which could cause breathing difficulties of left untreated.

"Alright let's close this wound. Ensign, you stay still and keep calm as you can. Dr. Luca, please treat the ensign..."she said indicating the ensign with a burned face. She went to work fixing the lung so she can breath properly. "T'matya and I will handle the blood infusion. I have to repair the lung. " She went ahead and administered the sedative to make it easier on the patient. She then started repairing the lung. After a few minutes she had it all fixed.

Above the lights returned to full and the patient's shimmered away into nothingness. The cool, crisp voice of the ships Computer announced: "Simulation terminated."

"Well, that was interesting," the voice of McCoy replied having been restored also.

"Good to see you again Dr. McCoy!" S'teia said. She turned to her staff. "Very well done all of you! Always room for improvement but all in all, all things considered, very well. I am quite pleased." Her team did very well for the first major crisis, even thought it was simulated.

"Well said, Doctor," the EMH nodded in reply. "Nothing like a morning drill to wake everyone up, lets hope the rest of day is less eventful."


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