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Wake Up Call

Posted on Sat Dec 11th, 2021 @ 8:01pm by Captain Lucy Sharpe & Lieutenant Richelle Sorenson & Lieutenant Broderick Drayton & Lieutenant Osher Shouwei & Lieutenant S'teia

Mission: Namesake
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD02 - 0230 Hours

Archie Gates sat in the command seat of the USS Proteus as she continued to warp to her destination. Captain Sharpe had asked him to start drilling the crew and timing the response and progress. This was more a team building exercise more than anything else but this was also a chance to see how the crew reacted under pressure.

With a small smile, he tapped a couple of commands into the command console next to the Captain's chair. A moment later, the bridge went dark and the red alert klaxon sounded. "Red alert, all hands to battle stations!" He called out.

Seated at his desk, Osher did not bother looking up at the ceiling the way he used to when he was much, much younger. He stood and tapped his comm badge, "Transporter room four, This is lieutenant Showei, Chief Tactical Officer. Beam me directly to the bridge."

", sir? What...?"

"You want to die? Because my getting to the bridge in a timely manner could mean the difference between life and death. Now beam me to the bridge!"

A minute later there was the familiar hum of a transporter, and Osher appeared in front of the viewscreen. He took a moment to look around and sighed, then strode quickly to his station.

"I am going to have to have a talk with that transporter chief," he murmured as he took his station.

Gates heard a transporter beam and turned round to see Shouwei materialising near his console. "The turbolifts not working, Lieutenant?" He asked with a frown.

"As far as I know the turbolifts are working just fine," Osher replied as he nodded to the tactical officer on duty and examined the board: a drill. He might have known, "However I do believe the point was to see how quickly I could arrive at my station."

He looked about the bridge.

"Old dogs can still learn new tricks, sir..."

Broderick was at the ready at his post at the ops console on the bridge. "Captain, all systems at your command."

"Next time use the lifts not transporters, Lieutenant." Gates replied unamused. "That's what I want to hear, Lieutenant Drayton." He added before glancing at the running timer on the Captain's arm rest readout.

Osher suppressed an acerbic response; just because the first officer was a joyless ass did not mean he should be trying to start a fight with him, especially on the bridge in front of the others. Nothing harmed morale than seeing the parents fighting.

Having clearly stumbled here as quickly as she could Lieutenant JG Swan practically tumbled out of the lift car in her haste. Hastily flinging out an arm to stop herself for face planting the deck the woman hurried to the science station. "Ready at your disposal," she called out a touch breathless.

S'teia heard the red alert. she knew that protocol was to report to the bridge. She hurried to the turbo lift and in moments it was all a drill but still, she wanted to make sure. was there. "CMO S't'eia reporting captain. Anybody hurt?" She asked. Of course she suspected that it was all a drill but she wanted to make sure.

Stepping from the lift, "Engineering is ready, all engines at your disposal, core is at 100% power and behind the protective shield," Sorenson said opening her engineering console.

Osher knew in the case of a drill he could not fully trust what data his sensors told him; only command staff could tell fantasy from reality. Which is why these things could make him sweat a bit; it would be bad luck for an attack to happen at this point, and if there was anything he had an abundance of...

"Breen warships," he reported, "Astern starboard! Their weapons are primed and their shields up! Orders?" the red alert meant shields were already up. He suppressed an urge to form a premature target lock...

"On screen," Captain Sharpe's voice announced having arrived to assume her post. Though, she'd instructed Commander Gates to run combat simulations she wasn't prepared to miss out on all the drama. The Computer would manage the simulation therefore every party would be tested herself included.

The viewer briefly flickered before displaying the two armed vessel Shouwei had identified. "Hail the lead ship," Sharpe instructed.

They were greeted to the masked face of what they could only assume was the Commander: he began to speak, his first few words were garbled electronic sounds and the Universal translator struggled to translate. "...will be fired upon."

Sharpe grimaced: Not the welcoming she wanted but should have expected considering the situation before them. She needed to try diplomacy, or as much as the Breen would let her: "I'm Captain Lucy Sharpe of the Federation Starship Proteus," she began. "Please repeat your last transmission."

The Breen officer rightly seemed irked by this request - his suited frame jerked in response: "You have violated our territory leave immediately or you will be fired upon."

Gates raised an eyebrow, "I believe you are mistaken, Commander. This is Federation space, which you are now violating. Your presence here is a violation of our treaty and could be considered an act of war. Withdraw immediately."

As the captain verbally sparred with the Breen Osher directed his attention to the young ensign standing beside him at Tactical.

"Sir?" the ensign whispered, "What-"

"I am running a plot," Osher murmured, "In certain circumstances a weapons lock is unavailable so you sometimes have to take an educated guess based on all available data."

"Won't the other ship-"

"Not if we use only passive sensor data," Osher replied quietly as he ran the plot.

Gates heard the tactical officer conversing with his subordinate. He casually moved towards Lieutenant Shouwei's position. "What have you got, Lieutenant?" He whispered.

"Not much," Osher murmured, "But if things get ugly I can-"

While the others spoke softly the Captain continued to address the Breen drawing his attention away from the crew: "My First Officer is correct: this is Federation space -"

"Not any longer," the Breen cut across her. "This have claimed this for the Breen Confederacy - all previous treaties have been nullified. You are trespassing and therefore shall be eliminated."

Sensing this conversation was quickly slipping away from them Sharpe changed tactics: "You're a very long way from home Commander and deep in our space. I would consider very carefully what you plan to do next."

Their counterpart jerked stiffy in his seat before the viewscreen blacked out thus ending their decision. A moment later the ship trembled under weapons fire causing everyone to stumble for balance.

"Crazy son of gun," Sharpe muttered staggering to her seat. "Evasive manoeuvres, target their weapons and return fire." She instructed, "Drayton send a message to Starfleet, let them know what we've discovered."

'Target their weapons', Osher thought wryly as he followed orders. He could blow the bridge right off most ships, slicing it away from the hull with surgical precision. He fired phasers as he prepped photon torpedoes.

"What's the Breen's status?" Gates called out as the Proteus was hit by a barrage of weapons fire causing the first officer to hold on to the nearest console to steady himself.

"Damage to their shields," Osher replied, "But otherwise fine. If you could bring me around I can line up a spread of photon torpedoes."

"Do it," Sharpe grimaced as the ship groaned under weapons fire.

As Osher prepped the spread the ensign murmured: "Sir, it occurs to me..."

"Yes, ensign?" Osher prompted absently.

"Well, when someone says 'target their weapon systems..."

Osher glanced up at regarded the young officer.

"Isn't fire control part of the weapon systems? And isn't fire control normally found on the br-"

"Ensign! For you to suggest a tactical officer would find some sort of loophole as an excuse to fire on an enemy vessel's bridge is simply not done!"

As Osher said this his hand, hidden from those below by his console, delivered a thumbs up, okay sign and the ancient surfer's 'hang loose' gesture. Aloud he said, "Firing solution prepared, captain! I-"

He glared, "Targeting malfunction! I am going to have to 'eyeball' the spread!"

"What?" Gates said as he shot a look at the chief tactical officer. "Can you resolve the problem?"

"Without knowing what the problem is..." Osher murmured absently as his fingers flashed across the fire control panel as he strove to recall the solution. He triggered the firing sequence, launching a spread of torpedoes at the Breen...

The line of torpedoes fanned from the Proteus, however most missed the nearest Breen ship, those which found there mark caused their shields to flicker as they withstood the assault.

"Doctor S'teia," Sharpe called noticing the CMO was still present. "Return to sickbay. Sorenson, Drayton can you rectify the targeting?"

"Already on my way Captain." She had already started for the turbo lift before Captain Sharpe had said something. This was an emergency and casualties would be coming in. Blasted Breen! Why couldn't they just obey the treaties and mind their own business? The door to the turbolift opened and she rushed in. "Sickbay she said and the turbolift started moving to sickbay. Hopefully it wouldn't be too bad but she and the medical staff would handle it!

Broderick was intently looking over the targeting system. "The power relays for the targeting sensors are partially inoperable. I will reroute the necessary power to the current sensors. I can compensate for the lack of sensor efficiency but repairs will need to be made to regain full sensor capability." Broderick tapped at keys rerouting the necessary power.

"I can think of a quick fix but it's not pretty," Osher replied as he prepared another spread, "We launch a shuttle and slave the fire control to their system. If I keep firing the way things are the Breen will catch on that something is wrong."

"No, I don't wish to waste a shuttle on a radical idea," the Captain called. "Options?" she asked Gates.

"'Waste'?" Osher echoed, eyebrows raised, "The engineers could probably replicate a new one in couple of days. Now if you had said you did not want to waste a crew member..."

He sighed, "All right, we could threaten to ram them. An apparent suicide attack might give them pause. Or I carpet bomb space with every torpedo we have and hope for the best."

"Suicide runs aren't exactly in the Starfleet manual. A quantum torpedo blank of their ships might get them to back off." Archie offered the Captain.

The ship shuddered under another assault of weapons fire causing the Captain to on grip tightly to avoid being unseated as she weighed up the options. "Agreed, show them our teeth."

"Right!" Osher replied as he set the launchers to fire until they were bled dry, spreading out their fire in an attempt to score as many hit-or intimidating near misses-as possible...

The bombardment struck the two vessels heavily, breaching and overwhelming their defences. The closet vessel erupted into a bright blaze that temporally blinded the bridge officers and disabled the Proteus' shields from the shockwave.

"We've lost shields!" Ensign Swan called ducking away from a shower of sparks that shot from her console.

"No, really you don't say!" the conn officer muttered sarcastically as he battled to stabilize the listing ship. The proximity alarm sounded chilling his blood: "Captain," he shouted in alarm. "They'll preparing to ram us!"

"Divert everything we have to structure integrity!" Sharpe instructed urgently in a desperate attempt to save themselves - instinct warned her their goose was cooked and it was game over.

"All hands brace for impact!"

Despite it's obvious injuries the Breen vessel sped toward the Proteus with frightening speed - unable to stop herself Sharpe squeezed her eyes closed waiting for the hammer blow to strike and send them into oblivion. The chilling, almost damming voice of the computer: "Simulation terminated," sounded across the ship and lifted the alert status to reveal no present dangers.

Reopening her eyes the Captain released the breath she'd also been holding - that had been an intense test but an educational one. "Thank you Commander Gates for that, challenging chapter." She turned to Gates.

The Commander had a wicked glint in his eye: "Anytime Captain, it was interesting to say the least."

"Quite," Sharpe shook her head slightly before rising: "I want evaluation reports from all department heads on my desk by tomorrow morning," Sharpe announced feeling irked by what had transpired. "You have the bridge Commander," she nodded before leaving the bridge.

"Well," Osher said after a moment, "That could have gone better. I will write up my assessment but I think what we need to take away from this is we are going to need more out-of-the-box thinking."

His smile was not exactly warm, "If you will excuse me, I have to get started on my report. It is going to be rather...lengthy. Don't worry, Commander. I'll use the turbo lift on the way out."

And with that he strode towards said lift, humming...


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