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Posted on Sat Oct 2nd, 2021 @ 2:35pm by Captain Lucy Sharpe & Lieutenant Commander Archibald 'Archie' Gates & Lieutenant Richelle Sorenson & Lieutenant Broderick Drayton & Lieutenant Osher Shouwei & Lieutenant S'teia

Mission: Namesake
Timeline: MD 1

Stepping out from the ready room, Captain Lucy Sharpe took in the view of her bridge on the Proteus. The day and time had arrived, as they all had expected, and it meant that they were going to start they’ll adventure into the stars.

She crossed the bridge, took a steadying breath and lowered herself in the central seat still quashing down how peculiar this whole event was feeling. She pressed the comm: "All hands, this is the Captain. I need all department heads to report their status to the bridge. Once we have confirmed green lights across the board, we’re will be heading out."

Osher regarded his console with a grimace. Had it been up to him he would have waited another week to make better security arrangements throughout the ship. But he knew part of that would have been simply him deliberately delaying things. He was just glad he had been able to get in a little holodeck time to practice the use of the weapons systems; gods forbid he accidentally blew a hole into the side of the starbase.

"Weapon and defensive systems operational," he noted, "Ship is secure."

S'teia tried to hide her excitement but this was her first time out as CMO. She was proud of herself for making it this far, She commed the bridge "Dr. S'teia here. Sickbay is all ready!"

Broderick was tapping the keys at the operations console on the bridge, he looked up and gave his go-ahead to the captain. "Operations at the ready, captain."

"Engineering is 100% in the green. Warp and impulse at your disposal," Richelle said.

Commander Gates wandered round the bridge with his hands behind his back, checking each station as he wandered past. After doing a complete circuit of the bridge, Archie settled into his seat to the Captain's right. Proteus was ready to go and he was eager to get going.

Glancing sideways at Gates, Lucy recognized his excited yet anxious expression – no doubt it was mirrored on her own face. “Ready to get your feet wet?” she asked him softly.

"I think we are, ma'am." Gates replied with a smile.

With the green light from all departments, Sharpe called: "Lieutenant Drayton, signal the dock we're ready to depart. Helm, begin the uncoupling sequence."

Broderick checked his console readout and sent a signal to the dock. "Docking clearance granted, captain." Broderick kept a close eye on the readouts as the ship was ready to leave the docking perimeter.

"Helm, take us out. Nice and slow," Sharpe instructed.

Free of her support housing the Proteus drifted momentarily before the maneuvering thrusters eased her sleek form out and into open space. The scene unfolded slowly, carefully as if the galaxy held it's breath as the ship left it's berth.

Once the delicate procedure had been completed the Captain rolled her shoulders ridding herself of the tension held held there as they departed. "Ahead at full impulse. We're making a swift call to our namesake at Neptune before departing the system," she explained.

Then, turning her head to whispered to Archie: "We didn't scrape the paint did we?"

"So far so good, ma'am." Gates whispered back with a smile before standing up. "Everyone keep their eyes on their screens, anything out of the ordinary don't keep it to yourself please." He said as he glanced around the bridge.

Osher would have loved to have thanked whomever had decided the person at Tactical needed a seat because he had dreaded those long hours on his feet. Then again it was possible he could fall asleep; this chair was so comfortable...!

He stood up and stretched, there was an audible pop and crack as his vertebrae resettle.

"Unfortunately," he noted after a pause, "All of that was not out of the ordinary."

"Well, that's a good start." Gates replied with a smile.

The small, yet sleek Luna Class vessel cruised through the Sol system without incident allowing the crew to enjoy the familiar local sights at leisure - a rare treat for many Sharpe considered. The system was busy with a flotilla of Federation ships conducting tactical manouvours in the distance, a old D'kyr cruiser slipped by their bow while a Qugh class entered orbit of Saturn.

Ahead, still surrounded in a intriguing veil of mystery unwilling to give up all her secrets lay the cold, formidable planet of Neptune. Fanning out, suspended in perfect balance around the bluey, green frigid planet were it's fourteen moons each named after sea gods and nymphs in Greek mythology. Including the Proteus.

Sharpe stood, crossed to the helm and muttered a low order. The ship slowed to stop and the Captain addressed the bridge. "Outside, just coming into view now is the moon Proteus - our namesake. In Greek mythology Proteus is a prophetic old man of the sea and a shepherd of the sea's flocks. While I don't expect we'd be encountering many sea creatures on our adventures together I can relate to the role of shepherd, or shepherdess if you like." Lucy paused looked around the bridge. "Our mission to explore El-Adrel sector will take several long, potentially arduous months away from our friends and family scattered among the stars. I won't lie, things may not always go smoothly from time to time, they will be ups and downs along the way to overcome and some issues that will knock us sideways. But, we shall always pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, learn from our mistakes and rise above adversity. I am your shepherd and will guide us toward the light even on the darkest of nights however, I cannot do this without you all working at your upmost and as well gelled team. Will you pledge yourself to the cause and keep that sense of wonderment in your heart? If so, we're going to have a hell of a ride." The Captain smiled before half turning to helm "Lay in our course, warp seven."

Osher remained standing, hands behind his arms, expression studiously neutral as the Captain gave The Speech. He had heard a few in his time and this one...ranked about upper middle. Then again he was a lot older and more cynical so he supposed had he still been a young ensign with a shiny single pip on his collar he would have probably fallen in love with her or something. As he thought about the origin of the ship's name he considered how appropriate it might have been for him, an "old man" to be here...

The Captain's speech made the hairs on Archie's neck stand to attention. It was a proud moment for the entire crew and one that wouldn't be forgotten in a long time if ever.

S'teia sat in her office. Not her first cruise by a long shot. Nothing ever happened departing spacedock. This was fine. She would take the time to go over the records and info on the medical personnel. She needed to know her staff as best she could.

It was not the first time Richelle had been out here but something in what the captain said about Proteus, the moon and it being a Greek name, she had learned a good deal of earth's mythology, and the Greek's were a strong civilization. Could this sleek Luna class be as strong as a Greek god?


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