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Let's Get Physical!

Posted on Wed Sep 22nd, 2021 @ 9:04am by Lieutenant Osher Shouwei & Lieutenant S'teia

Mission: Namesake
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 24hrs before launch

Osher found his quarters easily enough and determined he needed some generic wall art. Shira had been a fan of an old artist named Pollock but his work had never suited Osher's sensibilities. Now there was one piece of art that still hung in a museum in Chicago...

Properly dressed, his beard neatly trimmed, Osher entered Sickbay and took a moment to take it all in. He had become quite a critic on the aesthetics of various medical facilities, from the color of the carpeting to the warmth of lighting, to the level of comfort the examination tables provided. This one ranked a bit in the middle.

"Could use an aquarium on that wall," he muttered. He turned and looked about, then said aloud, "Hello? Is there a barber on the premises to provide my annual bleeding?"

Dr. S'teia, the cmo came out and saw osher waiting. "May I help you>" The caitian said to Osher

"Well, honestly if you wanted to 'help' me you could just medically clear me and we could just say you gave me an exam," Osher replied wryly, "But there's that bothersome thing known as...ethics..."

S'teia didn't really like people like this. "Indeed Lt. I will not lie and say I examined you when I didn't. So it sounds like I do need to do just that. Please lie on the exam table and we can begin." She was a professional and would act as such . Still he didn't outright come and ask her to just sign off so there was that! "Now let em review your medical records first lt."

Osher sighed, then he levered himself onto the examination table. He could recall a time when he could have hopped up with little difficulty but over the past decade he had learned to not perform physical feats so casually. He lay back and after a moment said, "I give it a seven out of ten. Starbase one's exam tables are the height of comfort; one could easily take a nap on one," he turned his head as his medical history appeared on the main diagnostic viewer.

What followed was an almost comedic. A host of medical maladies appeared. Diseases both common and rare, physical trauma from head to toe. Osher watched the virtual parade of horrors with an expression of resignation. The list ended chronologically eight years ago.

"Huh. A bit longer than I remembered," Osher murmured, "Then again, they say the memory is the first thing to go. And I can barely recall the concussions..."

S'teia was stunned, In all her years as a doctor she had never seen anything like this before. "Quite a record LT. Honestly I'm surprised you are still in the service, However the fact that you are even walking around now is a very good thing. So, let's get a scan on you first and see how your body is doing." She initiated a full medical scan on him. His record did concern her.

As the scan began Osher stared at the ceiling. He was quite used to this.

"When I was a child," he said, "and I visited the dentist, she had this holos on the ceiling to keep me distracted. You should do the same. cloudy skies, a forest canopy. Something soothing. Oh, you can ignore the small metallic object in my liver; that is a subatomic civilization I was playing host to. They wiped themselves out in a nuclear holocaust. Oh, and you can ignore my rightmost rear molar; that was a bomb Romulans placed in my head to kill Admiral Holloway at a dinner. It turned out to be a dud and it's inactive, but all the same I avoid eating really crunchy food on that side of my jaw..."

|She wasn't sure what to make of all this. These were pretty outrageous claims if true. "I can not tell if you are joking or not. I can tell you have seen more than your share of trauma. I am surprised you have t=returned to Starfleet after all you have been through. As for the holos on the ceiling, well it is something to consider." She pulled up his psych profile to see if he was prone to making up stories or prone to delusions. Right now she as half inclined to believe him. She ran a full diagnostic scan on him to see what that said.

There was indeed a small metallic object but it defied scanning, and there was some indefinable insertion in one of the molars. There was also some odd DNA readings.

"Transplants," Osher explained, almost as if reading the doctor's mind. Or having had to explain it so often he could predict when a doctor noticed them. "I had my corneas burned out on Harpis Three, the deceased crewman Jones weren't using his any more so Doctor Blades swapped them out. My eyes used to be hazel. Then there was ensign Gird's kidney, skin grafts from chief petty officer Odessa, bone marrow from yeoman Long..."

He paused, "I...think that's it. The bright side is Jones was a decade younger than me; my vision is spot on."

Osher's psyche profile stated he was a man of "near fatalistic stoicism" and did not seem prone to making up stories.

She had to wonder why this guy was back in Starfleet? Still as long as he was physically fit and was cleared by Psych, well then she wouldn't worry too much. Although she had a feeling he was going to be a frequent visitor to sickbay. |Alright Lt. I want to run a full physical on you. I\m sure you know the drill. I want to get a stress test as it were. See how good your body reacts to physical excretion." She led him over to the bed that had the foot pedals as well as a standard diagnostic display. "On my mark start pedaling as it were until I say stop!"

when everything was setup she gave the word. "Go!"

Osher grimaced but he complied, placing his feet on the pedals. Taking hold of the hand grips, he pumped hard and steady, as he did so he said, "If you want a true stress test then beam over squad of Gorn Marines."

Osher's endurance seemed to be top notch. Whatever he had been doing the past eight years it seemed to have required at least a modicum of physical labor.

He seemed to have an odd sense of humor but that was not a medical issue. "You may stop now. Lt." She ran a few more tests, took a few more readings. After looking over everything she said, "I believe you are fit for Duty. I'll clear you Lt. If anything unexpected come up, I'll let you know. Unless there is something else you need to tell me" S'reia said. At this point she couldn't hold him back. he came up fit for duty.

"Oh, I think you know everything you need to, Doctor," Osher said as he slowly swung his legs over the side of the bed, "You have my medical history at your disposal." he smiled wryly, "I am quite certain I will be seeing more of you in the future."

He slid off the bed, "I will talk to you later about possible security protocols I will be enacting," he held up a hand to forestall any argument, "It is your Sickbay, your world, and I do not wish to step on toes. Nevertheless I do need to address the ship's internal security and I consider Sickbay to be a vital component of the ship."

He almost grinned, "It will be my home away from home, after all."

"Very well Lt. I can agree to that! I try to be open to suggestions. If you want to take a look and schedule a meeting with me and we can go over your suggestions." S'teia said. She understood the need for security but it had to be balanced with the medical needs.

"I will keep in touch, Doctor," Osher replied as he left the Sickbay, "And think about those ceiling modifications...!"


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