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Meeting the Chief Eng...of Operations

Posted on Thu Oct 7th, 2021 @ 8:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Archibald 'Archie' Gates & Lieutenant Broderick Drayton

Mission: Namesake
Location: Engineering
Timeline: MD -2

Broderick had been working in engineering with the crew for a couple of hours, the port nacelle was giving him a little trouble but his timeline was still on track. Having given the captain a promise to alleviate the work the chief engineer would need to do when she arrives, he had to push the engineering crew a bit hard. Being so focused on running the crew, he almost didn't hear anyone come into engineering.

Archie walked into Proteus' Main Engineering. He wanted to get a first-hand look at how things were going and if the ship was going to launch on time. At a glance, his first impressions were good, everyone seemed to be busying themselves with getting the ship ready which was something he wanted to see. Now if he could just locate the Chief Engineer to introduce himself, too.

Broderick saw a red uniform looking around as he moved from one console to another at nacelle control. He stepped away and gestured for one of the crew to take over. As he approached the officer, he saw the Lieutenant Commander pips. "Commander... Gates?" Broderick asked.

"Ah, yes." Gates said with a smile as he offered his hand to the Lieutenant. "You must be the Proteus' Chief Engineer. A pleasure to meet you."

Broderick seemed a bit confused. "Commander, I'm actually the Chief Operations Officer. Lieutenant Sorenson isn't on board just yet so I am overseeing her department until she comes aboard since there is an overlap with Operations. I am Lieutenant Broderick Drayton." He reached out and shook the hand of the commander.

"Oh, my apologies. I've read the crew manifest but haven't managed to commit everyone's face to memory." Archie replied giving a weak smile hoping not to offend the Operations Chief. "How is she looking?" He asked moving the subject swiftly on and moving his hand towards the warp core.

"She's looking good, commander." Broderick held a PADD in his hand and tapped a few keys as he spoke to the first officer.

"Excellent, any problems I should be made aware of?" Archie asked, wanting to know what could potentially be a problem in the future.

Broderick scanned his PADD that listed the checklist for engineering. "Everything is functioning within normal parameters. The final check and approval will have to be given by Lieutenant Sorensen, of course, but I'd say she'll be ready."

"Always good to hear," Archie replied with a smile. "How's your department shaping up?"

"Operations has been up to spec for a while now, my assistant is overseeing the last of our supplies being beamed and shuttled aboard while I'm helping here," Broderick said confidently.

"That's good to hear, Lieutenant." Gatee teplied with a smile and approving nod. "If you need any further supplies or anything is missing please don't hesitate to contact me and I can chase it up for you."

"Yes sir, thank you sir." Broderick got back to work.


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