Unexpected Visitor

Posted on Thu Aug 5th, 2021 @ 9:11am by Captain Lucy Sharpe
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Mission: Namesake
Location: Temporary Quarters, San Francisco, Earth
Timeline: MD -2

Still lost in a sense of awe Lucy Sharpe absently caressed the four golden pips on her collar while gazing distantly at the full-length mirror in her temporary living quarters in San Francisco.

She’d been convinced throughout the presentation she was dreaming and at any moment she’d wake to the comforting dark space of her quarters with the steady reassuring hum of the ships warp engine propelling them onward. Her ability to hear such a thing had becoming a running joke among the engineering department – it wasn’t true of course Lucy couldn't hear a thing but she found traveling at wrap deeply comforting having spent much of her adult life in the wake of the stars.

Grounded on the Earth as she was pending new order Lucy felt restrictive and overbearing, she was itching to start a new adventure, no one mentioned the new promotion to Captain would also test your level of patience’s

The bell sounded interrupting Lucy from swirling thoughts, turning away she crossed the modest living space to greet her guest.

“Lucy!” the voice of her younger sister squealed in delight once the door had slide aside.

“Heather – wow you’re huge!” the elder remarking pointing out the very apparent elephant in the room – her siblings’ enormous pregnant abdomen. “How is the little monster? Not giving you too much trouble I hope?”

“Ugh, feel for yourself. I think he’s trying to break out.” Heather placed her sisters hands upon her swollen belly where the baby’s feet were drumming against her side.

“Ooh, he’s quite a brut,” Lucy remarked feeling sympathetic to her sister discomfort. “Come in, please sit shame on me for keeping you upright any longer than necessary. Can I get you something? A snack, drink?” She asked turning toward the replicator, “A sedative for mini-Ronaldo?” she teased.

Heather shook her head, her long black hair slipping across her shoulders as she sank gratefully down on the well-padded sofa. “No thank you, I’d only need another pee otherwise. I’ve already lost count the number of times I’ve been this morning, and for the umpteenth time we’re not calling him Ronaldo.”

“Rather that then, what was it last I heard Trevor?” Lucy scrunched her nose up the suggestion.

Heather made a noise to inject but Lucy waved it aside and sat down beside her: “No matter this look suits you.”

“Try telling that to my ankles.”

Lucy chuckled: “I mean it, the whole glowing radiant look you have it really suits you.”

“Thanks, though I didn’t come here to talk about me Captain,” she euthanised Lucy’s new rank. “Congratulations, we’re all super proud of you.”

“I doubt Tim was bothered,” Lucy remarked drily having never hit it off with her brother-in-law.

“Yes, Tim too is impressed even if the two of you don’t really get on. He’s still willing to build bridges even if you’re not. I never could understand why disliked him so.”

Lucy shrugged her shoulders: “I know he’s a good Doctor and he’s clearly been doing his husbandly duties,” she waved over Heather’s bump.” But I don’t know there’s something about him I can’t really put my finger on it.”

“He’s too much like you perhaps?” Heather suggested aching an eyebrow.

Sitting a fraction taller Lucy instantly dismissed the idea: “Don’t be silly we’re nothing alike.”

“Maybe a younger, foolhardy Lucy looking for trouble.”

“I have you know I didn’t go out looking for trouble it always found me.” Lucy quickly replied.

“Speaking about trouble have you finally talked to father?” Heather asked cautiously.

Lucy stiffened further at the topic: “No, why would I?”

Heather sighed: “He’s the proudest of us all! You should really make more of an effort and speak to him.”

“Build more bridges you mean?” Lucy shook her head slightly finding her sister’s optimism grating at times.

“Maybe fire proof them this time,” Heather tried to joke. “Don’t push him away you’ll regret it later.”

“I’m sure he has more exciting things on the table like a grandson for starters,” Lucy deflected the conversation again.

“Please Lucy he doesn’t deserve this. I know something happened between you two you were both so close once but now… I mean look at us we weren’t close till recently now…things change, people change…

“Not everyone,” Lucy’s tone soured and she turned away the conversation instantly dying like normal when Admiral Henry Sharpe was discussed.

Biting back a sigh as she wigged to a more comfortable position Heather tried to restart things: “So now you have that extra pip what’s next for you?”

“A ship.”

“A ship?” Heather repeated excitement rising in her voice.

“You’ve been given your own commission?”

Lucy turned back looking more positive: “Yes, nothing’s official has been passed yet but yes my own ship to command.”

“That’s amazing! When will you be setting off?”

Heather’s exciting tone was affectious and Lucy had been trying to play down her own emotions over the last few hours since she left the board meeting. “I’m not sure yet, there’s loads of loose ends to tie up not to mention crew to assign but hopefully not too long.”

“I guess that explains why you’re here not on this new sparkling starship.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be sparkling brand new, the Federation hasn’t been producing ships since the Dominion War. I must say I’m not enjoying staying planetside. It feels a little strange, like cabin fever, I’m just not used to it.”

“I couldn’t imagine getting used to being in space,” Heather shook her head: “The thought alone makes me queasy.”

“You sure that’s not min- Ronaldo?”

“No, definitely not,” Heather chuckled. “Unlike you I never found joy with the Starfleet pompous stuff, it’s just not me.”

“It’s not pompous is culture,” Lucy added. “A slice of culture you’ve not experienced properly by the sounds of things.” She stood and extended a hand to her sister: “Why don’t you let me show you, we’re take a stroll – a gentle stroll,” She added quickly eyeing the mountain Heather was carrying. “To some of the best places and views.”

Accepting the out stretched hand and assistance in climbing upright Heather gave her sister a telling smirk: “As long as these views don’t include you eyeing every piece of skirt that flashes in your direction.”

Faking a hurt expression Lucy then broke into a full laugh: “No I promise you I won’t subject you to that. These pips put the frighteners on pretty much everyone so it’s time to conclude my dating days are very much over.”

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Heather retorted. “Captain’s can still date.”

“We’re already married to the uniform, there’s not much room anything else.”

“Well then, we’d better make the most of this stroll and coffee before you find out just how much room you for that special person not called USS No Frills.”