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Lieutenant Commander Archibald 'Archie' Gates

Name Archibald 'Archie' Gates

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 75kg
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Blue


Personality & Traits

Personal History Archie was born in 2360 June and John Gates. He was the youngest of three sons. Harrison (Harry) and William (Bill) were 8 and 6 when he was born.

The Gates family lived in New Berlin on Earth’s moon. John was a structural engineer and was involved with the colony’s expansion and June was a school teacher.

With both parents working hard Archie was left in the care of his big brothers when his parents were working, this wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

At the age of five, Archie broke both arms in an accident, which involved his brothers daring him to sneak into a dark maintenance and see how far he got. Unfortunately, it was very dark and he didn’t see a 15 foot drop.

This didn’t deter Archie, all through his childhood he was always getting into trouble, either with his parents or local law enforcement.

When he was twelve, Bill left for Starfleet academy, with Harry already there, this left Archie on his own for the first time. Although he was always getting into trouble with his brothers it was never really that serious. Now, however, he was alone and vulnerable.

A gang of older teenagers scooped him up and began to change him. Making him do dangerous pranks on other people. Unfortunately, one prank went horribly wrong which inadvertently left his own mother seriously ill and fighting for her life in hospital.

He was overwhelmed with guilt and quickly distanced himself from the group. Sadly, a few weeks later, June passed away from her injuries. John was devastated by the loss of his best friend and soulmate. The New Berlin security investigated the incident but the culprits were never found.

The tragic loss of his mother snapped his behaviour into place. He looked after his father, but never told him of what really happened and that he was involved in what happened to her.

At the age of 18 he wanted to follow his brothers and join Starfleet. His father wouldn’t stand in his way and allowed him to join. Archie felt guilty for leaving his father alone but he wanted to pursue a career in Starfleet.

The academy gave its own set of challenges which Archie relished. His work was exemplary and had taken a liking to Flight control, excelling at all the piloting courses and tests.

However, his non educational activities would scupper his reputation. He was introduced to Alcohol by fellow classmates at the academy and this brought out the Archie of old. Getting into trouble and doing stupid things. This included getting a first year cadet pregnant in his final year in a drunken one night stand.

This forced the female cadet to withdraw from the academy and she demanded that Archie was not involved with the upbringing of their son, which he agreed to.

Upon graduation, Archie was assigned to the USS Akula as gamma shift helmsman. He was thrilled to be finally assigned to a starship and doing something he really enjoyed. However, he was constantly late showing up for Gamma shift and was reprimanded by the first officer for this.

After his tour on the Akula was over, Archie was transferred to Deep Space 5 as a shuttle pilot. This posting saw him assigned to the same station as his eldest brother, who was currently serving as DS5’s Chief Engineer.

Archie enjoyed the posting with his brother and they were able to get close again after Harry had left so long ago.

Things were going really well, until the brothers ended up in a bar one evening. Both were drinking heavily when Harry said something about Archie getting a cadet pregnant. Archie didn’t take kindly to this and punched his brother in the face. A small tussle followed before it was broken up by Station security.

Witnesses claimed Archie started the fight, which did own up to. Harry did want to press charges but made sure his brother's time on DS5 was over. Archie was ordered to pack his things and return to Starfleet Headquarters.

On the long journey back to Earth, Archie thought about his life and career. There was plenty to regret, starting with his mother’s death. He also had a son somewhere in the Galaxy that might want to know him. Did he really want his son to see him in his current state? Of course not. On that day, he decided to turn his life around.

When he arrived on Earth he started applying for starship Chief positions, but with two reprimands on his record no one would take him.

However, the Captain of the USS Bellerophon, Lewis Colburn. Saw something in Gates which he once saw in himself. He offered Archie a position on his ship and the chance for him to change his future.

In the four years Gates served on the Bellerophon, he smartened up his appearance and his work ethic. He worked hard to change his past and work on his future. During his tour on the Bellerophon, he was promoted to Chief Helmsman and Full Lieutenant to go with it.

In 2390, the Bellerophon was scheduled for a major refit. Her crew was reassigned but Captain Colburn kept Gates with him as he transferred to the newly refurbished Saladin Class, USS Sargon.

On the Sargon, he continued to impress. So much so that Captain Colburn offered him the chance to step into command with the second officer position. Archie accepted and continued to work with Captain Colburn, learning how to command a Starship and most importantly command the crew. Later he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Colburn heard of a First Officer position come up on the America and thought it would be a good challenge for Gates to undertake. He put his Helmsman’s name forward for the position and wrote a glowing letter of recommendation.

Gates was accepted as first officer of America. Archie wasn’t pleased with the reassignment but if Captain Colburn thought he was ready then he was willing to give America a go.
Service Record 2378-2381: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2381-2383: USS Akula - Helmsman - Ensign
2383-2386: Deep Space 5 - Shuttle Pilot - Ensign/Lieutenant JG
2386-2390: USS Bellerophon - Assistant Chief/Chief Helmsman - Lieutenant JG/Lieutenant
2390-2395: USS Sargon - Chief Helmsman/Second Officer - Lieutenant/ Lieutenant Commander
2395-Present: USS Proteus - Executive Officer - Lieutenant Commander