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Lieutenant Osher Shouwei

Name Osher Shouwei

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 179 cm
Weight 79 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Short black hair, graying beard, handsome but weathered features and somber eyes, Osher is extremely fit with calloused hands.


Spouse Shira (wife, deceased)
Mother Li Mei

Personality & Traits

General Overview Osher is a man who has seen one horror or experienced one life altering event too many. He has stared into the abyss one time too often and he finally blinked, then walked away. He views life with a strong sense of what might be called “fatalistic stoicism”, always expecting the unexpected, always expecting it to be worse that it might seem.
Strengths & Weaknesses Loyal
Near indifference regarding life or death
Views violence as the most pragmatic solution to almost all problems (i.e. It can’t hurt you if it is dead.)
Ambitions To survive to see tomorrow. Beyond that not much else.
Hobbies & Interests cooking, reading, especially history, linguistics. Osher has the background of a middle aged man who likes to keep his mind and body agile. As a result he is very fit for his age and has an extensive background in a mish-mash of various martial arts. His style is eclectic, efficient and geared towards committing the most atrocious injury possible in the shortest amount of time, often with knives. For this reason he never spars with live people, instead focusing on holographic opponents. He is an experienced mountain climber, spelunker and survivalist and when it comes to technology he’s a fair hand at jury-rigging equipment and arms.

Personal History No one said serving in Starfleet would be safe, only that it could be interesting. For Osher Shǒuwèi “interesting” is an interesting way of summing up his career. Starting off as a promising young ensign, Osher had been the lone survivor when his ship was attacked by Jem Hadar separatists. Later he suffered an almost impossible case of Auroral Plague and almost died as a result. Then there was the time he went through a cascade of meeting future versions of himself, traveling back in time to warn him of catastrophe, only each time he changed the timeline based on “advice” from his future selves things only seemed to get worse, culminating in a future self who had been assimilated by the Borg who came back and killed his room mate, ensign Torg, which seemed to fix everything.

The court martial ruled Osher innocent. Barely. Torg’s family did not see it that way and declared blood feud on Osher which led to him fending off a host of Andorian assassins. An incident where he was cloned a half dozen times through a transporter accident and had to watch all his “brothers” die in a rapid series of almost comical accidents led to a serious case of transporter psychosis. He was kidnapped and dissected by pan-dimensional invaders, possessed by a telepathic parasite, spent a lifetime in a virtual murderworld where it was kill or be killed for the amusement of the last Triskelion, fell in love with his evil female counterpart from another dimension and had to kill her before she killed him. These and a dozen more strange and horrific events plagued him.

The last straw was when his universe began to collapse as the Q war raged on. His wife Shira pushed him through a portal where that universe’s Osher had died just moments ago, disintegrated by a Klingon disruptor. Osher killed the Klingon who had been completely shocked by an identical human showing up. Osher discovered his wife here had never been born and that was it, he had had enough. He quit Starfleet and decided he was going to just live as a hermit on a secluded world to either wait until something came along and killed him…or something more interesting happened.

The request from an old superior to return to the fold came as no surprise. And to Osher’s mild horror he came to realize that not almost getting killed had actually become…almost boring…
Service Record Bucephalus ensign
Virago lt. jg, Tactical Officer
Turbulent lieutenant, Tactical Officer
Rigorous, lieutenant, Chief Tactical Officer
Proteus, lieutenant, Chief Tactical Officer