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Lieutenant S'teia

Name S'teia

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 120
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description She has light brown fur, her tail ends in a dark brown tuft. She is in excellent physical condition. She is slender but not overly sking for a caitian


Spouse n\a
Father R'roar
Mother M'ia
Brother(s) m'roar
Sister(s) s'nall
Other Family n\a

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is driven to be the best she can be. She is friendly but knows when to be all business. She doesn't kid around when it comes to medicine and healing. She is cool under pressure. She is Loyal to her friends and to Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is smart and knowledgeable. She is an excellent doctor. Sometimes however she can be to hard on herself. She really hates losing patients. She will keep trying even though others say it is hopeless.
Ambitions Her ambition is to be the best Doctor she can be.
Hobbies & Interests She likes to exercise and likes games where you can get physical. She also enjoys reading a good romance novel during quiet moments

Personal History S'tia was born and raised on Cait. When she was 10, her best friend. K'tiri was badly injured. S'teia was scared. it looked real bad. The doctor, Sh'aow would not give up! He worked tirelessly to fix the little girls broken body! Finally, he told K'tiri's family she would be alright. She was stable and would be alright in time. S'teia knew she just had to be a healer. A doctor.
Years passed and S'teia grew up. She never lost her desire to be a doctor. She studied hard and after secondary school She decided to Join Starfleet. K'tiri joined with her. They were the best of friends and remained so until this day
Service Record S'teia graduated with honors and was posted to the USS John Adams. She served under Dr. Charles Schumacher. A human. He taught her so much. He was patient and an excellent teacher. As years passed she became a better doctor. When there was a outbreak of Rigellian fever, she volunteered to go down to the planet to help treat the people even though it there was a risk of her catching it. She had been vaccinated but still, it was risky but worth it.

during her time she had some cases that were very tough. the first was when the shipped passed through a strange cloud. It was causing the breakdown of iron in the blood causing severe anemia. Blood transfusions only did so much and all the standard treatments failed. Even non standard treatments were not doing it. Then after days of little or no sleep, S'teia found the answer. It was a radioactive particle that was almost undetectable. Something new and never seen before. S'teia tried an anti radiation treatment on a quantum level and it worked. The patients that were treated recovered in time. There were a few fatalities, unfortunately but the majority survived.

Another one was a 3 year old Caitian Girl cup. She was brought into sickbay with a high fever. This was S'teia's worse nightmare. A critically ill cub. She was just a baby. She had other symptoms as well. Hallucinations, she had trouble keeping solid food down and losing her fur in strange patches. It looked familiar but S'tiea had trouble figuring pout what was wrong. t seemed familiar but she couldn't quite figure it out. Then she ran it through the caitian database and it came up with a uprising diagnosis,Snars disease. An old ailment that had been eradicated centuries ago. How had this little cub contracted an old disease? S'tiea spoke with the parents, they had just returned from a visit to thier homeworld , Cait. It turned out the mother had dug up some flowers near some old ruins. After examining the flower and the soil she discovered that there were traces of the disease in the soil. The little girl had knocked over the vase that held the flowers and had gotten the dirt on herT and the infection had gotten into her system. he parents had sufficient immune systems to fight it off easily

Then when Dr Schumaker became ill, she had to take over as CMO for a few months while he underwent treatment. It was scary at first but she did it. When Dr Schumaker returned to health he was very pleased with her performance and put an accommodation in her record. Eventually she knew it was time to move on. She saw the opening for CMO on the Proteus and applied. She was thrilled to be accepted accepted