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Captain Lucy Sharpe

Name Lucy Sharpe

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Well proportioned despite being taller than then average human female. Prefers to have her hair short and avoid anything that looks remotely feminine


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Admiral Henry Sharpe, Active
Mother Julia Sharpe, deceased
Sister(s) Heather Hampshire, civilian
Other Family Tim Hampshire, brother in law, civilian

Personality & Traits

General Overview Often critiqued for having a tongue like her name Lucy tends to speak her mind and at times. Tom boy like would sooner wrestle Klingon’s than wear something flattering and glittery.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Surprisingly good listener
+ Methodical problem Solver

- Impulsive
- Competitive
- Stubborn
- Addicted to coffee
Ambitions Shake off living under her father’s shadow
Hobbies & Interests Kickboxing, long distance running

Personal History Born into a fractured family Lucy struggled to connect to her younger sister Heather, whom unlike her enjoyed the comforts of life on Starfleet’s homeworld. Lucy meanwhile adored her mostly absent father Henry serving upon the USS Ventura, keen to hear of his adventures in the stars visiting new worlds, experiencing new cultures and overcoming hostility. While Heather would happily preform her piano recitals to a patient audience dressed a like some sort of prefect angel, Lucy would often be landing herself in trouble at school for a dust up with the boys.

Her attitude presented several difficulties early on in her studies at the Academy threatening her future at continuing all together, yet despite that the instructors saw through the attention seeking persona to the talent beneath. Realising how close she’d come to being ejected Lucy began to take her education more seriously exceeding in Tactical training and leadership most notably.

Her first posting upon the USS Kingfisher saw Lucy develop into a competent officer tackling challenges in her stride without flinching. She adapted smoothly into her new role finding her calling at last.

Posting to Starbase 27 felt too slow for Sharpe, the routine quickly became stale and she was desperate to return to ship life. When she learnt the reassignment had been engineered by her father in an effort to keep her away from the front line the two rowed frequently. It was to become sore subject throughout her career; being an Admiral’s daughter earning her preferential treatment was the common attitude. It couldn’t have been further from the truth. The level of expectation never waned, the pressure to out preform her father’s record travelled with her everywhere. The drive to be free of that became her sole ambition even to this day.

That motivation earned her Senior position upon the science vessel USS Zheng He as it toured the Edren System acutely aware of the enemy presence close by. A peaceful standoff was long maintained during the survey, until the curiosity of the enemy vessels turned into violence. Out numbered and out gunned the science vessel had little chance of survival without additional support or a swift retreat, sadly the Zheng He took damage in the initial assault preventing escape. Sharpe displayed great courage and knowledge during those dark moments, her acts empowered the ship to withstand the assault long enough for support forces to arrive.

Still keen to shake off the shadow of her father Lucy threw herself into her new role upon the Istanbul class USS Havana with new gusto striving to improve herself further. Unexpectedly during the latter stages of her deployment Commander West the First Officer was redeployed having been offered an opportunity to command his own vessel. This left a vacancy of which Sharpe stepped into until a more permeant candidate was selected, that candidate never arrived.

Fuelled with a new sense of confidence Sharpe accepted the posting to the USS Gemini as First Officer without a second thought spring boarding her career forward. The Prometheus class saw plenty of action from rouge hostile Romulan forces staking claims in populated space, giant humanoid insects, attempted assignation of her Captain Sam Hansen and uncomfortable run in with Q.

The accusations raised by Q regarding Hansen's history and previous posting created a backlash leading to the Gemini being grounded and its crew reassigned. Her actions however hadn't gone unnoticed as Lucy was posted to the USS Osprey almost immediately continuing to serve as First Officer under adding further experiences, dilemmas and wonderments to her resume.

While she began to ponder her next step something unexpected crossed her path - Commander of the USS Proteus
Service Record Academy
USS Kingfisher, Security Officer
Starbase 27, Security & Tactical Officer
USS Zeng He, Assistant Chief of Security & Tactical
USS Havana, Chief of Security & Tactical and Second Officer
USS Gemini, First Officer
USS Osprey, First Officer
USS Proteus, Commanding Officer