Lieutenant Fula

Name Fula M.D.

Position Administrator

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 200
Hair Color Silver with Black Highlights
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Fula is a typical Caitian in appearance and physicality. He is slightly athletic in build with silver fur covering his entire body, highlighted with black fur.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quirky, but possessing a powerful intellect imagination, Fula uses creativity and logic to overcome problems that others may simply give up on. He has many ideas and may discuss them prior to thinking them through to conclusion, which can cause misunderstanding as people may believe him to be stating fact while he is still considering the entire discussion to conclusion. Rational and direct, he can come across to others as harsh.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Analytical, Imaginative, Objective, Open-minded, Straightforward
Weakness: Condescending, Insensitive, Private, Rule-Breaking, Second-guessing.

Personal History Fula had an atypical upbringing for a Caitian. Born on Bajor during the final days of the Cardassian Occupation of that world, Fula did not know his parents aside from rumor. Some believed his parents to be laborers, just like the Bajorans, but others have suggested that they may have been collaborators for the Bajoran Slave Trade that fled during the final moments of the Occupation as the Bajorans reclaimed their world. This left Fula an orphan that was raised in the company of the Bajorans.

His unique upbringing had a significant effect upon Fula as he grew alongside not only Bajorans, but also Cardassian war orphans. This gave him a fairly unique perspective on life and introduced him to the concepts of diversity. This informed his life and studies, but also developed a strong belief in the Bajoran religion in his life and a belief in the Prophets. His followings led him to pursue a life in the Bajoran clergy until a fateful encounter changed his life forever.

Shortly before the end of his final year of schooling, Fula and a group of friends were exploring the Bajoran countryside when an accident caused Fula to fall into a previously unexplored cave system. Severely injured, he drifted in and out of consciousness for two days before he was found and rescued by a Starfleet Emergency Response Team sent from Deep Space Nine. He met Starfleet Commander Julian Bashir during this incident and was taken to DS9 for treatment for his injuries. Having been exposed to Starfleet and their services, Fula chose to pursue a life in medicine rather than the clergy.

Enrolling in the Bajoran Annex of Starfleet Academy, Fula began his studies of medicine with a goal of graduating in the top of his class. Excelling in several subjects, the full curriculum was not yet available at the Bajoran Annex requiring that Fula transfer to the Main Campus on Earth during his Junior Year. It was difficult for him to leave his adopted world and friends, but he strengthened his resolve by reminding himself that it was the will of the Prophets that led him on this path and that he must obey.

During his Senior Year his goals would be disrupted as he became Captain of the Academy Dom-Jot team. Leading his team to victory in the semifinals, his determination became a slight detraction to his studies and devastated his goal of graduating at the top of his class as he was unable to prepare for a key exam and scored poorly. While he and his team came in second in the Sector Championships for Dom-Jot, his efforts led to him graduating 5th in his class. This is a blow he has not yet overcome.

Under Starfleet Medical Policy the top 10 of the graduating class were given their option of assignments including grant opportunities, priority assignments, and other research endeavors. Fula was interested in receiving a grant and assignment to Deep Space Nine to further work with the Bajoran War Orphans as they - like he - were coming of age. Unfortunately for him the grant opportunities were taken by the top 3 students. This was devastating, but led him to take a path he had not previously considered. Having had a midshipman cruise aboard the USS Repulse, he had enjoyed that experience and felt that it would be a good one to repeat and accepted assignment to a front line vessel.
Service Record Midshipman Cruise: USS Repulse - Medical Intern
Assignment: USS Gemini - Chief Medical Officer
Assignment: USS Proteus - Chief Medical Officer