Elijah Campbell

Name Elijah Campbell

Position Chef

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Human (They/Them)
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Big, busy curly afro like hair with a serious-looking face of a young warrior with rugged aventurine coloured eyes who thinks gender shouldn't be thought of as a word. Often wearing business skirts with a jumper to the bar with cowboy boots to spice things up for the drunks


Spouse Kazuko Campbell - Human Female, 97
Children Minoru Yukimura - Step-Son - Human Male, 63

Mao Yoshino - Step-Daughter - Human Female, 64

Akio Yukimura - Step-Son - Human Male, 67
Father Simon Campbell, Male Human, 57
Mother Alice Campbell - Female Human, 54
Brother(s) Clark Campbell - Male Human, 28
Sister(s) Hannah Campbell - Female Human, 32
Other Family Various step-grandchildren & step-great grandchildren

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elijah might seem like a fighter in the first American Civil War but this Elijah isn't a fighter. No, he's a lover, a poet, a family man. He loves his wife he has known since he worked for her, enjoys poetry and might want to continue his legacy to the next generation but those are dreams.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Coward
- Scares easily

+ Christmartic
+ Smart
+ Hopeless Romantic
+/- Poetic
Ambitions Accept that his wife will die before him and spend time with her before that happens
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies

Creating drinks

Personal History Elijah was a smart student with straight A's in high school that is until he worked as a farmer on the other side of the planet and fell in love that is. His boss was an elderly woman with 3 children but lost her husband. After working long hours in the Japanese sun he would often remain on-site and have food with her slowly gaining comfort, companionship and happiness. After Kazuko kissed Elijah on the lips after ploughing a field together, Elijah went into Kazuko's home and **ploughed** her field which they often did causing his grades to fall. It became 3 months after Elijah's 18th birthday that they went public with the relationship.

The Campbell family was enraged with the news causing Elijah to leave and move with his girlfriend which she proposed to him to cheer his mood up which it did. Elijah followed his dreams he loved his wife but he wanted to be a chef but need up as a bartender in a local pub which suited him quite fine, he was a happy man with some step-grandchildren and step-children. Many moons after the wedding Hannah attempted to convince him to divorce her and return home which he declined, he was happy, proud and successful. He had no plans of leaving the woman he loved despite her age and looks in public.

He wanted to try something new, so he did with the understanding of his wife "I was young once but the fear held me back, don't let it hold you back my love" Kazuko would often say which stuck with him through the dark depths of space. He thought he was having a mid-life crisis wanting to seek out new life but that was every young man's dream. Explore the stars themselves he missed his wife he knew he would spend more years with her yet.

Serving drinks and chatting with Starfleet Officers about their storeys was always interesting while creating his own storeys. He heard about a Starfleet ship called "Proteus" that was going to go far, farther than any Starfleet ship. And so the dream burnt brighter.
Service Record 2395 - Present
USS Proteus

2390 - 2395
USS Legacy

2384 - 2390
Earth, Tokyo, Japan
Nin Jao Bar
Trainee Bartender

2382 - 2384
Earth, Tokyo, Japan
Vah Xi Farm

Born & raised in Montgomery, Alabama, USA